15 Passenger Vans For Sale

What are the dimensions of an ideal 15 passenger van or a bus?

Any bus that carries and ferries passengers is a passenger bus. Dimensions are not the only factor that makes passenger vans ideal; many other features such as internal design, safety, price, etc. make an ideal passenger van/bus. Here are the general dimensions of 15 passenger vans for sale: the exterior width of the passenger van for sale is just less than 6 feet. The height is around 6 feet 8 inches while the length is just shy of 19 feet. Width of wheel well to wheel well is a tad above 4 feet.

As far as 15 passenger buses for sale go, the general dimensions are: the exterior width is slightly below 8 and half feet, the height slightly above 6 and half feet. Length stretches to 24 and half feet.

All the dimensions for 15 passenger buses for sale extend for ADA 15 passenger buses as well. 

What is the cost to buy a 15 passenger van?

At Nations Bus Sales we offer awesome 15 passenger vans at varying rates. You will be able to find vans and buses like 2009 El Dorado Aero Elite Paratransit 250 at a mere $17,500 all the way till premium passenger buses like 2020 LA WEST TRANSIT for $79,800.

Browse our full NBS inventory for passenger vans for sale.

Please note the above prices are indicative in nature and are subject to change. Seating may not be exactly 15.

Which is the best brand in 15 passenger van?

The answer is subjective in the sense that it depends on an individual’s definition of ‘best’.  Some may prefer safety over style, some economy over luxury, etc. Ford, Mercedes, Cadillac and Chevy are all good brands you can go for. Nations Bus is the No.1 bus dealer in the U.S. Our inventory is extensive and contains new and used passenger buses for sale, including 15-seaters and less. You can find all the above mentioned brands and more on our website inventory list.

Which is the most affordable 15 passenger van?

As far as affordability goes, we suggest two options. You could either go for an affordable new passenger bus, or you could opt for a used passenger bus for sale. When selected correctly, used passenger buses for sale ensure that you have top features of comparatively higher-end buses within your budget constraints. For example, you can find the 14-seater 2018 Champion Crusader in new and used capacities on NBS. Browse our full range.

We are always one dial away on +1 800 523 3262. You can also reach us via email on info@nationsbus.com

What is the safety rating for 15 passenger vans for sale at Nations Bus?

Passenger buses are now equipped with motion detectors to let the driver know if here are any heartbeats (persons) in the vehicle after it has been parked for the day. GPS and telematics play important roles in the safety vehicles by, say, avoiding danger zones.

Any passenger buses that provides these and more have higher safety ratings. But please note that features in and of themselves do nothing: you have to take most safety precautions proactively. Let passenger wear the seat belts, check your tires, control your speed. The ultimate purpose of passenger buses with higher safety ratings is to protect your life, and one must use both the advanced and basic features towards that end. Call us to know the latest safety features.

Do you need a Class B license to drive a 15 passenger van?

Laws differ state-wise, and it is up to the individual to find out whether or not a certain license type is required to drive a certain vehicle.

We suggest you be very particular and not heed hearsay, or just apply a general rule on your own case scenario. It is always better to delve in the details through a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.

Can I drive a 15 passenger van in Canada?

Can you?

Jokes aside, yes, you can drive certain 15 passenger vans in Canada. You can find all Canada admissible passenger vans/buses on our website by clicking the ‘Canada admissible’ dialogue box. Nations Bus Sales ships to Canada and Mexico as well.

The finer details must be ironed out by the concerned person themselves as to whether they can or cannot drive a particular vehicle in Canada under particular circumstances.

These are the manufacturers we currently represent: Champion, Collins Commercial, Elkhart Custom Design, Diamond Coach, Eldorado, Federal Coach, General Coach, Grech Motors, Krystal, McSweeney Designs, Mobility Trans,  Turtle Top, and World Trans.


So all that remains between you and the bus you are looking for is a list with your bus’s name on it. Find your ideal motor coach from the names below and get in touch with us today.


We’ve listed 15-seater passenger buses for sale from our inventory below. You will find full details – engine, odometer, chassis, seating capacity, transmission and product brochures – of each bus by clicking on its name in the list. You can also ask for a specific make of bus that we may not have added to these names yet. Call us toll free at (800) 523-3262 or email us at info@nationsbus.com to discuss your requirement in detail – we can generate a quote for you right away. We also offer finance options and genuine parts.

Are You Looking For Custom Graphics On Your 15 Passenger Van?

15 Passenger vans are known to be bland. So do you want to pep up your own passenger van? We’re here for you! Simply call Nations Bus Sales at (800) 523-3262 and we will ideate the kind of Custom Vinyl Graphics you seek and have it made through our own graphic design services so you don’t have to go anywhere else. We do vinyl graphics, custom paint jobs and logos with lettering. Nations Bus Sales will coordinate with you throughout; so hit that number and let’s get going!

Expert Level Service

Nations Bus is a team of dedicated professionals in the bus sales and service industry. A team you can trust before, during and after the sale. A team that is knowledgeable about your industry.

I recently bought a bus through Nations Bus and it was honestly the BEST experience that I have ever been through! I was a bit confused about the type of bus that I should have bought, but the staff there was friendly and patient enough to explain every little detail about the buses to me! Thanks a lot Nations Bus. 5 STAR for sure. 

Ryan L

We have a huge family with our 3 kids and 2 of my sister’s, and we often plan weekend getaways together. Last month I decided to finally buy a shuttle bus for the family vacations. And Nations Bus has been the best agency ever. Their friendly staff never pesters you to make purchases that benefits them more than you. 

Jennifer M

My son recently turned 21 and said he wanted to help in the family’s car rental business, but I had a better idea. I started him off with two minibuses – he can hire them out for picnics or small groups looking to tour the area. My son is getting steady business most days of the week – if we want to expand the fleet, we’re going to Nations Bus!

Rouse K

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