Shuttle buses and vans are the best modes of travelling, especially when people are a part of a large group. A bus is the only mode of transportation which allows groups of people to sit together and enjoy long journeys without being a public nuisance!

However, buses are not only needed for just long journeys, they are also utilized by a number of industries for conducting one business or another. A few industries where shuttle buses come in use are corporations, hotels, airports, universities, hospitals, banks, retirement homes, etc.

The features that each of these industries look in a bus before renting or buying it may differ, however, there are a few things that each of them require. These features can include necessities as well as luxury services, both of which are equally important. These features in a shuttle ensure that more and more people feel comfortable and enjoy their journeys, whether long or short.

Therefore, if you are looking for buying a used shuttle bus or even a brand new one, make sure to look for such features in the shuttle bus that you buy. The presence of such features will help create an environment which the travellers find attractive and comfortable, making them want to travel again with you!

Let’s now see what incorporates the attractive features in a bus.

  1. The Number of Seats

Having the right number of seats is always ideal. This is because, the more people your bus can accommodate, the more people can travel together. This proves to be the main factor when your bus is hired for a large group of people.

However, even if the number of people travelling on the bus is not enough to occupy most of the seats, the vacant seats can make the bus feel empty and not as sociable. This is why the perfect bus has just a few more seats than passengers.

  1. Comfortable Seats

The comfort that each seat provides is one of the first factors that any traveller checks for first before booking its tickets. This is because, for long distance journeys, it proves to be very irritating and hectic if the seats are not comfortable, cushiony and reclining.

Therefore, the seats in your shuttle buses must be made up of soft cushions. They must also be covered with clean and comfortable covers. This helps in enhancing the comfort of the seats while also bringing out the look of the bus.

  1. Windows with Blinds

Windows are another feature that are absolutely needed in a bus. You can always find people fighting to get the window seat! This is because most people love to sit on the window side and enjoy the view outside. Therefore, having wide and clean windows is a must for every shuttle bus.

These windows could also have blinds or curtains for people who want to hide away from the light and relax. These are little things which make a lot of difference for customer satisfaction.

  1. Air Conditioning

An air conditioner within a bus is a feature that attracts many travellers. There are many people who are very sensitive to different temperature conditions. They always look for such which have an air conditioner to balance out the temperature. The AC, however, must be of good quality, capable of making a significant effect on the atmosphere.

  1. High Speed Wi-Fi

In this age of digitalization, most people rely heavily on the internet for all kinds of entertainment. Therefore, they need a good Wi-Fi connection to stay busy and entertained at all times. This is why everyone gets attracted to a bus which provides a good Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Lie Flat Beds

Many people travel in a bus when they have to go over long distances. Such journeys sometimes take overnight to end. Therefore having seats that can recline always required by such people. These seats provide comfort to the travellers, enabling them to relax whenever they wish to.

  1. Television and Speakers

A large television on the bus is not something that goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Travellers, who cannot always rely only on their own sources of entertainment look forward to travelling on a bus which has a TV. These televisions help to become their companions whether they are travelling over long distances or over short distances.

These televisions must be accompanied with a few good quality speakers that provide clear sounds. They should be fixed on all the corners of the bus so as to provide all the travellers with equally good sound experience.

  1. Lighting Facility

Buses must always have good lighting for people travelling during the dark. These lights help people conduct any tasks and businesses that they want without struggling in the dark. However, make sure that your bus has a light option for every seat, which does not cause disturbance to any neighbouring occupants.

  1. Washroom

Another common feature in a shuttle bus is that of a lavatory or washroom. A clean and hygienic washroom is the requirement for cross country trips. Especially those who have a long distance to travel, or are suffering from some medical condition, need the facility of a washroom to tend to their needs every so often.

  1. Power Outlets

While travelling, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the electronic devices’ battery full. These gadgets are in constant use and need to be charged very often to keep them in running. Therefore, a very important feature in a bus is the presence of power outlets for every traveller. They can use these outlets whenever their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are running out of battery. This can be USB and/or 110 Volt outlets.

  1. Big Luggage Storage

Another feature of a bus which is very important is the luggage storing area. If the storage for luggage is not big enough, then it can cause a lot of inconveniences to the travellers. Therefore, it is very important to have a huge main storage area, where all the big suitcases can be stored.

However, the bus should be equipped with storage racks from inside as well. These racks come in use for keeping any backpack or side bags that any traveller might be carrying.

  1. Safety Measures

Travellers will only travel in a shuttle bus when he is sure of his safety and security. This is why every bus must have an emergency exit and also fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and road flares or triangles. Such things are usually not considered by most when buying a bus, however, they are very important to look for in a bus!

These were some of the features that a bus can have which people get attracted to easily. It is not necessary for every bus to have them, however, the presence of such features always ensures more and more people to get attracted towards travelling in that bus. Therefore, if you wish to buy shuttle buses with such features, visit Nations Bus through their online website. You can find all types of buses including used shuttle bus and many other models on their website.

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