2022 Elkhart KSIR 330

Unit #: 57391-2
This is a vehicle that previously sold.  Although this unit is no longer currently available, we most likely have many similar in our current inventory.  To see our up to date inventory page, click HERE.


Chassis: Ford F-550
Engine: 7.3L v8
Trans: Auto
Odometer: 10,464
Passengers: 30
Luggage: Overhead, Rear
Fuel Type: Gas
Location: FL


Electric Passenger Entry Door
Exterior Passenger Entrance Door Key
AM/FM/CD Stereo/ DVD Player
Frameless Solid Windows
Overhead Parcel Racks
Rear Luggage Compartment with Single Exterior Door
USB Port ( Each Port has Two Sockets)
Back Up Camera with Monitor Built into Rear View Mirror
Dual LED Reading Lights
(4) Monitors
19″ Front TV with DVD
15″ Monitor ( Each )
PA Systems

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