California, also called the Golden State, is one of the highly populated yet happening states of the United States. Withstanding a population slightly more than 39 million as per 2016 estimates with the expectation of 40 million and more in 2019 and crossing 50 million by 2050, it has a great diversity of population with huge tourists pouring in every year to experience the serene beauty of nature, hustle-bustle of the city and a lot more.
Keeping this fact in mind, California is home to numerous industries and businesses, straight from retail and e-commerce to health and education, from spas and salons to freight and public transportation. And if you have a business of your own or are in need of a bus, then it’s the right time to look for a bus for sale in California because, with an increase in traffic and road accidents due to congestion, the Government has started to plan to charge drivers via freeway tolls by miles in order to reduce congestion, leading to people abandoning personal vehicles for commutation and instead opting for inexpensive modes of transport, that is, public transports. This move by the government has opened doors to one of the most profitable business opportunities in the States.

Now the first thing to discuss is what all business opportunities are currently running in California for which there might be a need for the bus for sale in CA, either new or used:

1. Health Care and Retirement community
If you are into this sector aiming at providing support and help to the retired, or healthcare centers, hospitals, etc., then getting yourself a bus might help you give a boost to your already existing potential.

2. Shuttle Services
Now the most common bus services, the shuttle services, are often hired by hotels, resorts, numerous organizations, and touring services. And if you are into this sector, then you must be quite aware of its demand.

3. Transit Services
Pertaining to a happening and exquisite life, if your business provides buses for fixed routes, para-transits or rentals, then Nations Bus must be your go-to option for sale!

4. Luxury Bus
Being in the business of providing luxury buses for California/CA, a glamorous and luxurious city, grow yourself as a business by getting yourself either a new or used bus for luxury bus services.

But what is the future of bus transportation businesses in California/CA?

As stated in the beginning itself about the need of buses for sale in California/CA, people’s interest in public transportation due to growing innovative ideas by bus agencies has further lured the increased sales of buses in California/CA. The concept of micro-transit, shuttle buses and minivans is widely accepted and appreciated by the residents of California, similar to Uber’s shared rides with picking from and dropping at desired locations.
And if you have a business in California or are in need of buses, then Nations Bus must be your go-to stop for all bus-related services.

And why Nations Bus must be your go-to option for bus for sale in CA?

Nations Bus is home to both new and used buses with a huge inventory comprising of Shuttle Buses, Limo buses, Minivans, Wheelchair buses, Tour buses, Transit buses, Charter buses and a lot more from most reputed manufacturers like Federal Coach, Champions Bus, Collins Commercial and more to count.

Not only this, you’ll get detailed knowledge about used buses in California or places to dealing with new buses for sale in CA, all at Nations Bus exclusively.

Just tell us the type of bus you need and we’ll have it for you. And if you are confused with it, just talk to our experts to understand your needs best and get the best solution delivered at your doorstep. With our experienced and professional team, we can surely boast of appropriate and beneficial solutions being given to you.

Some of the services we leverage to our dear customers and clients are as follows:

1. We offer remodeling of buses in case the customer demands with premium and up-to-date products at reasonable prices.

2. We believe in the quick yet efficient delivery of buses throughout California/CA without compromising on the state of the bus. Just sit back and relax for the beast to come to you.

3. Our team is available all the time for any kind of assistance or aid before, during or after the service, and truly believes in working on the customer feedback for improvements or enhancements to existing services.

4. Last but not the least, we also help in providing financial aid by loans or leases on most vehicles with decent credit, along with down payment systems too based on business time and credit strength.

5. We also provide high-quality parts for buses, even hard to find parts, with our expert technicians available for assistance. Tell us what you need and we’ll get it for you.

With our new full-service location in Norwalk, CA located in Los Angeles County, we offer free and quick delivery services to the 5, 91, 605, and 105 freeways including West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Rolling Hills and a lot of other places. We are an authorized dealer of buses since our inception in 2000.

And if you planning to visit California or have a business settled here but haven’t got time to explore the place, then you don’t have any idea what you are missing! Want to know why the heart of the United States needs special mention and attention?


1. California contains the lowest and the highest points with 282 feet below sea level in Death Valley and 14,494-foot Mt. Whitney as lowest and highest points respectively.

2. California is home to the world’s largest, oldest and tallest tree.

3. If California would have been a country in itself, it would have had the 5th largest economy in the world. Amazing!!!

4. Three of the ten largest cities in the US are in California, first of its kind!

5. California is home to loads of beaches, desserts, and mountains which can be covered within a few hours with shuttle or tour bus services.

6. California is the only state that has played host to both Winter and Summer Olympics, feeling proud or excited? You ought to be!

And a lot more to count.

And some of the most populated cities of California are Los Angeles (3.9 million), San Diego (1.4 million), San Jose (1.02 million), San Francisco (884k), Fresno (527k), Sacramento (501k), Long Beach (474k) and the rest are below 410k. You might consider visiting them sometime soon!

Lastly, if you still plan to get a bus for your business and are in need, don’t forget to contact Nations Bus for buses for sale in California as this is what Nations Bus is aimed for and proficient at. We promise to keep you safe and have a gala time touring California!

Just give us a call or view our inventory online to find the bus of your choice or talk with our experts for some knowledge if you aren’t clear about your choice.