Texas – the second largest state in the US not just in terms of size but also in population is located in the South Central region of the country. The state of Texas is one of the biggest hubs for IT and many other multinational setups. Austin is in fact often known as “Silicon Hills” with so many IT companies like Dell, AT& T etc. setting up their headquarters there.
Located primarily in the Southern Region, Texas is an important hub of transportation. There are over 33 foreign trade zones and trucks and buses from Dallas can reach within 48 hours to the overall population. Besides, the state also has an excellent network of airlines too.

When you need an affordable yet convenient way to take a large number of people from one place to another in Texas, a bus remains an ideal option. Whether it is a group of family members wishing to travel together or a number of people going to the same destination, buses in Texas are not just affordable but also one of the most comfortable ways to travel from one place to another.

Buying a bus does sound like a great deal of expense, especially if you are just venturing into a business or work on a small scale. But buying used and refurbished buses may be an ideal and smart way to purchase a bus without burning a hole in your pocket with Nations Bus buses for sale in Texas.

But what’s the numerous business opportunities going on in Texas demanding buses for sale in Texas?
Well, there are numerous reasons to go for a bus for your business. A market that is flooded with business opportunities, having a bus serves a great way to earn money, starting right from commercial bus service to offering a range of specialised party buses, there is a whole lot of things you can do with a bus:

Commercial buses
The most popular way one can get into a business with used buses in Texas is to start their fleet of commercial buses. These buses can be used for tours and travels for travelling to different states in a group. The size of bus can vary from 8 to about 56 people.

Party buses
An extremely popular concept, party buses are the next in-thing among people of all age groups. You see, it is not easy to get to all party spots in the city if you are in a large group. You cannot drink if you need to drive the car by yourself and taking multiple cabs is a serious mood killer. This is where you come in, you can offer your clients a choice of party buses with perimeter seating, a good amount of storage, soundproof interiors, surround sound music system and DJ lights. In fact, one can even think of being a party planner with their own range of party buses. You can buy used buses in Texas and refurbish them into a party bus and turn it into a lucrative business opportunity.

Church buses
God is not confined to churches and religious places. You can opt for buses for sale in Texas and rent it out to church groups as they take frequent trips to nearby areas for a myriad of reasons. Buses for sale in Texas can be customised into church buses with onboard washrooms, onboard entertainment, recliner seats and a PA system.
School buses

For most of us, our earliest association with buses is the time when we used to travel in school buses with our friends. You can invest into some buses for sale in Texas and operate them as school buses for nearby schools. Remember to get it customised into injury-proof and for comfortable seats for kids, with low stairs and ample legroom.

What’s the future of bus transportation business in Texas?

At a place like Texas where traffic congestions are on an all-time high, bus services are the answer to a majority of travellers. The traffic conditions are notorious and Texas is known to be one of the most congested urban areas in the United States as per a recent study.

A lot more people retort to taking cabs and public transport, even ditching driving for good. It is believed that adding more rail lines and bus lanes will only encourage the commuters to leave their vehicles at home and opt for public transportation.

But that is not enough to solve the issue as the condition of bus services is still far from being reliable. Keeping that in mind, having a reliable bus service is the need of the hour. So investing in buses for sale in Texas is an excellent business opportunity. The market is still raw and there is a lot that can be captured. Buses are no longer considered to be boring and monotonous, today’s buses come with a range of features making them both modern and comfortable.

Why opt for Nations Bus for buses for sale in Texas?

Nations Bus is a home to fleet of a whole range of new and used buses. The company is well known for providing buses to limo operators, hotels, tour and travel companies, shuttle operators, churches, and health care providers among others. The company is a popular brand in the market and has a wide range of inventory to suit any need and budget.
Besides, a huge inventory to give you options to choose from, Nations Bus has a team of thorough professionals and experts whom you can trust before as well as after your services with us. The team professes extreme degree of knowledge and expertise about the industry and will be happy to guide you with a bus that will be right for you, in case you are unsure with which bus to go with to suit your business best.

With Nations Bus, you can always expect buses for sale in Texas, both new and refurbished as we know not every business can afford a new and so we cater to all possible sectors and meet demands of varied businesses.

Some of the services that you as a business can leverage from Nations Bus are:

1. We offer financing facilities to our customers in the form of easy instalments and ease in getting loans or leases, though the down payment amount varies as per your credit and business strength.

2. We believe in guiding you through the entire process of selecting the best bus for your business and thus have experts available 24*7 for your assistance so that you can give them a call to know anything and everything about Nations Bus or the choice of bus you’re searching for. They’ll help you with all the buses for sale in Texas and other neighbouring states.

3. We also offer bus colouring and modification services. In case you wish to get your bus customised with specific requirements like changing the interior or exteriors, we have the services at your disposal.

4. Lastly, we provide free and quick delivery of the bus you would think of at your doorstep. So just order the bus, sit back and it will be delivered to you on-time or maybe before time too but never late.

Ending with some fun facts about Texas and some of the most populated cities of the state:

1. Texas is the only state to have flags of 6 different nations fly over it namely Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.

2. Austin, one of the cities in Texas is considered the live music city of the world.

3. Texas derives its name from a Hasinai Indian word ‘Tejas’ meaning friends or allies.

4. Texas is home to the huge IT companies like Dell and Compaq and central Texas is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the south.

And a lot more to count to the state.

Now some of the most populated cities of Texas are Houston (2.3M), San Antonio (1.5M), Dallas (1.3M), Austin (964K), Fort Worth (895K), El Paso (683K), Arlington (398K), Corpus Christi (326K), Plano (288K), Laredo (262K), Lubbock (256K), Garland (242K), Irving (242K), Amarillo (200K), Grand Prairie (195K), McKinney (192K), Frisco (188K), Brownsville (183K), Pasadena (153K), Killeen (149K), McAllen (143K), Mesquite (143K), Midland (142K), Denton (138K), Waco (130K), Carrollton (136K), Round Rock (128K), Abilene (123K), Pearland (122K), Richardson (121K), Odessa (121K), with others have a population less than even 120K. Some notable smaller populations are Beaumont (118K), College Station (116K), and Tyler (105K).

And if you are in look out for buses for sale in Texas, then don’t forget to contact Nations Bus as being one of the largest bus dealers in the United States, we sell large number of buses spanning the entire US whether it is a new bus, or a used and refurbished one, we have covered you all.

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