From rainforests and volcanoes, to ferries and wineries, Washington has got a lot to explore and a lot to discover. Home to almost 7.3 million inhabitants, Washington is the 13th most populous city in the U.S.

With such a huge population, the state also has a lot of transportation mediums besides the usual cabs or rentals like bikes, street cars, metro etc. But with rising transportation costs, most of the people are switching to public transport in hope of cutting down on living expenses by cutting down on transport.

This is where Nations Bus comes into play with its entire range of buses which will suit best the needs of people of Washington who are on look out for a better yet feasible and comfortable transportation.

Some of the top business opportunities one can have in Washington and if already have, can leverage benefits of bus sales in Washington from Nations Bus are:

1. Food trucks
Due to its mobility and the rising population, food trucks are becoming popular as they are also cheap as compared to a brick and mortar restaurant/café. So go for one with Nations Bus option to customize it so that you can travel with your food.

2. Day Care and Senior Care
With seniors forming a good share of the population and worsening economy coupled with divorcees too, the need for day care and senior care centers is increasing tremendously. If you have any of the two, you can surely provide bus services to pick and drop them from and to the destination.

3. Tour and Travel
With a lot to explore and visit, you can always have buses for tourists to make them travel the whole state or even a city. This is a one good deal worth considering.

You as a business might be in a need of varied kind of buses like shuttle bus, limo bus, party bus, trolley bus, coach, or van. The best part about the fleet of buses for sale in Washington by Nations Bus is that you name and they most likely have it.

Moreover with the professional guidance they have to offer, one can always expect the right kind of bus to choose so that you always end up with something which fulfills your needs. Even after you get your bus, you can always expect premium quality of parts.

Don’t worry about budget as they’ll direct you though options riding in your budget. So the next time you plan of extending your transportation services, bus should be your go to option and that too from Nations Bus’s bus sales in Washington.

Associating yourself with Nations Bus for bus sales in Washington can help you avail some of the exclusive benefits they have to offer:

1. Financing with loans, leases, and low down payment depending on your credit score and business strength.

2. 24*7 expert assistance on the type of bus to go with depending on business needs and requirements.

3. Customization in the bus in case you want something extra for your business. In addition to this, refurbished buses are also there along with new ones to cater to businesses that can’t afford a new bus in one go.

4. Free and quick delivery of buses at your doorstep in the condition you’ll expect to be.
Summing up with some fun and interesting facts,

1. Washington is the most glaciates state in U.S. with approximately 3,000 glaciers.

2. It is also nation’s second most premium wine producing regions.

3. Washington is the only state to be named after a United States president, George Washington.

4. Seattle is home to the first revolving restaurant in U.S. and second in the world.

5. Medina is home to U.S.’s richest man, Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

And to be counting.

Some of the most populated cities/towns are Seattle (766k), Spokane (224k), Tacoma (222k), Vancouver (181k), Bellevue (146k), Kent (129k), Everett (114k), Renton (103k), Federal Way (101k), Spokane Valley (101k), Yakima, 94k), Bellingham (91k), and the rest have less than 90K with some notables being including Auburn (82k), and Olympia (52k).

Lastly, if you wish you go with giving bus services from your business, then Nations Bus is the one which can surely help with its fleet of buses for sale in Washington. Contact Nations Bus Sales at or 800-523-3262.

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