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Resided by 2.5 crore people who proudly call it home and on the wishlist of millions more, Florida is one of the USA’s ideal vacationing spots. The Sunshine State is visited annually by more than 120 million people who crave its sunny climate, amusement parks and the other recreational facilities the town has to offer. And of course, when you have the longest coastline in the world, why wouldn’t you boast of beaches and resorts?


If you are looking for business opportunities amidst all this wonderful chaos, bus and transportation related business in Florida is the answer. What kind? Mini Buses, party buses, shuttle buses, charter buses, and more. 122,088 miles of roadway on which to ply and cater to buzzing customers. And if you think the booming bus trade in Florida is just a speculation, fathom this: one of the world’s leading statistical fact compilers, Statista, calculates that there were more than 60,000 successful purchases of buses in Florida just a couple of years back in 2020, beating every state in the United States except three: California, New York, and Texas. 4th most buses in the whole of America – that’s Florida’s bus transportation demography for you. Looking to purchase a bus in Florida? Look no more. I’M IN! WHAT DO I NEED? Now that you understand the massive market potential, you might be scanning the market for buses for sale in Florida. Before that, let’s understand the documents you will be needing to ply your shuttle bus or minibus on the sun-kissed highways of Florida.:

  1. The Official Business Portal of the State Florida states that drivers of commercial vehicles such as trucks or buses of any kind such as a charter bus or a party bus need to obtain a special driver’s license from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  2. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set the guidelines for all new applicants to undertake an Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) in effect from February 7, 2022. There are multiple conditions and eligibility criteria, so we’re leaving you with two important official links for in-depth details: this and this

An offline method of learning all the necessary prerequisites is to obtain a manual of ‘Commercial Driver License Manual for Truck and Bus Drivers’ from any driving license office.

  1. Additionally, a USDOT number is required as per the obligations laid down by the FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Such kinds of federal laws go over and beyond the local county and state regulations that commercial bus operators need to follow


In addition to the documents required for a driver’s license, for plying buses in Florida for commercial benefits, there is a high chance that one needs to register with the IRS, the Florida Department of State, and the Florida Department of Revenue. Registration evidence would be required in case of business outside of Florida wanting to operate within Florida.


If you are looking to purchase a minibus or a larger bus only to convert it into a home-on-wheels right away, you need not apply for a CDL. Section 316.515 of the Florida Statute stipulates the dimension requirements, for example, private motor coaches not exceeding 50 feet in length or 65 feet in case of an articulated coach. A complete guide on How to get a School Bus Driving License in Florida / California


You do not necessarily have to obtain a State of Florida Driving License if you are the holder of a valid license from any other state and are at 16 years old. Some other exclusions include:

  1. Non-resident individuals employed by the US government on official business
  2. Non-resident individuals working on contract or for a firm within Florida
  3. Non-resident college students
  4. Temporary highway drivers, such as farm tractor drivers
  5. Those who travel regularly for business purposes, for example, transporting passengers to and from Florida on a minibus, party bus, or a charter bus
  6. Non-resident migrant farm workers and Armed Forces Members, both with certain conditions applied to them


 To obtain a license test, you need to:

  1. Clear the vision and hearing test
  2. Pass a Class E Knowledge Exam and a Class E Driving Skills Test
  3. Complete a drug and alcohol course
  4. Provide ID and required documentation, and
  5. Be 16, at least
  6. For a CDL applicant, an Operator’s License is also required

For additional details, including what the actual license test entails, refer to the official page here


Driving for more than 12 hours is not allowed by law. We recommend reading up on etiquette around pedestrians and the approach of school buses. Apart from these, be wary of the sunshine affecting your vision – when driving your charter bus east in the morning and west during the afternoon. There is a tendency in Florida to be overtaken from both sides of the road, so larger vehicles such as passenger buses or party or charter buses must pay special heed to such occurrences on the road.


 Following the insurance framework carefully is as important as any other factor you can think of while buying a bus in Florida. Insurance is mandated by federal law and thus cannot be avoided at any cost

  1. Florida Auto Insurance coverage is required for all four-and-more wheeler vehicles, which naturally include Minibuses, Charter buses, Party buses, and others.
  2. Before registration, proof of Property Damage Liability (PDL) and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a must. The minimum amount for each is $10,000 (yes, separately)
  3. The license plate must be surrendered before the cancellation of the insurance
  4. Continuous coverage is mandated even if you are not driving your vehicle due to any reason
  5. The same is required of the vehicle regardless of its location. Only out-of-state stationed military members are exempt
  6. The insurance carrier must be licensed to conduct business in Florida, so purchase the policy bearing this in mind. Transfer of current insurance to Florida policy is also possible

If you are a non-resident or a moving out of the state or want to know the definitions of certain relevant terms or the penalties for certain offences, here is the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ insurance page

Our bus service center is located in Florida too:

1945 FL-16, St. Augustine, FL 32084. You can always reach out to us via call and email too. Our wide range of inventory of new and used buses, from 15-passenger to 56-passenger and more, with financing options, parts delivery, after-sales service and warranty options make us one of the ideal purchase stops for any business owner looking to set up and run his fleet on the highways and to the coasts of Florida, as well as for a personal bus owner wanting to rebuild his bus into a beautiful, portable home. We are here to offer buses and advice – and coffee! BUS DEALER IN FLORIDA = NATIONS BUS SALES

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