At Nations Bus, we believe in delivering the best quality buses, whether they are used buses or are brand new, at the best prices to our customers. We are a team of professionals who work with the goal of making our customer’s market reputation reach its peak by backing their business services through our buses. Here are a few reasons as to why you should buy buses from us and initiate business with Nations Bus.

  1. We Understand What You Need

If you are wanting to increase or upgrade your business by buying new or used buses, but are unsure of the kind of buses that you might need, or are not able to find exactly what you are looking for, then all you have to do is contact us and tell us your requirements. Our team will work on your requirements and make 100% efforts to satisfy them by putting forth the best solution available in our arsenal. We understand that buying our buses might be a very big step for you and your business, which is why we present the most beneficial and appropriate solutions to you.

  1. Choose From the Largest Inventory

We have the largest inventory which includes different types of buses like charter buses, commercial buses, limo bus, mini bus, shuttle bus, tour bus, church bus, school bus, transit bus and many other specialized buses for various uses. Our customers can choose from a variety of buses for the ones that match their business requirements. We have hundreds of new and used buses in inventory and available for immediate delivery if needed.

  1. Many Manufacturers to Choose From

We sell premium quality buses from a number of manufacturers who have the biggest names in the industry. These manufacturers have years of experience and customer trust, which is why our customers also face 100% satisfaction on buying our buses. You can choose to buy the vehicle of your choice from the manufacture you feel is the best only at Nations Bus!

  1. Customize Your Bus by Repainting or graphics

Once you have bought your favorite bus, you can get it customized by repainting it or adding your graphics. If you have bought a used bus, then repainting can make it look as good as new and freshly manufactured. Our repainting services are provided at a very reasonable price, the paint that we use is fresh and of supreme quality and we deliver the repainted bus to you within record time. You can give your bus a luxurious look by customizing it according to your needs!  If you provide the artwork, we can assist with adding your graphics and logos.

  1. Get You Bus Delivered To You

No matter where you live in the United States or Canada, if you have bought your bus from Nations Bus, then all you have to do is sit back and relax! We will get it delivered to you as soon as possible. We deliver the bus to you either through a flatbed truck, or by having it driven to you. Either way, you will be receiving your bus in an absolutely uncompromised condition.  If you are out of these countries, we can deliver to the U.S. Port of your choosing.  However, you will need to assist in ocean freight or border crossing.

  1. Get Unmatched Support Before, During and After Buying

Nations Buses provides full support and assistance to its customers from before buying the bus till after they have bought it. The warranty, parts and services that we provide post purchasing are unmatched. You can get your warranty repair even when you are not near to our facilities. We authorize reputable and licenced repair shop to carry out the necessary work in our stead.

  1. Need Financing Aid? We’ve Got It!

If you need any kind of financing  to boost your bus purchases, then we can offer loans or multiple types of leases with the most beneficial credits. The down payment that needs to be paid is determined by the credit and time in the businesses which can start from as low as no money.  Terms range from 12-84 months.

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