Nations Bus Sales offers financing packages for any of our new bus acquisitions and most of our pre-owned equipment as well. We have a variety of tools available to assist securing financing with structures that are customizable to fit different business needs. We can provide a traditional loan-finance or structure equipment leasing-finance programs. 

Our leasing programs are popular with businesses which prefer to keep their inventory rotated and fresh. Many of these leasing programs require no money down, so the business can hold onto its cash.

Nations Bus Sales have partnered with our industry’s strongest lenders which offer the most competitive rates available. Your sales professional at Nations Bus will collect any information needed and quickly return to you options to compare and consider. Most transactions can be approved with our simple one-page application.

Some of the popular finance programs offered and benefits of each are:

  • Traditional Loan Financing
  • Lease w/ Purchase Option
  • Lease w/ Completed Sale at End of Term
  • TRAC Leases – Purchase or Simply Walk Away at Lease End
  • Municipal Loans or Leasing

We are available to discuss any of these types of programs and see which may be the best-fit for your intended needs.

If you prefer to work with your own bank, we can provide the required documents to make that transaction as easy as possible.

Types Of Financing

Traditional Loan
Depreciation Benefits
Asset Shows on Financial Statement
Ownership of the Equipment
Sales Tax Included at Time of Sale
Walk Away OR Operating Lease
At End of Lease Term, Simply Return Equipment
Equipment Does Not Show on Company Balance Sheet
Little Or No Money Down
Sales Taxes are invoiced monthly
Equipment May Be Purchased at end of Term
TRAC Lease
Predetermined Purchase Price Agreed Upon at lease signing
Equipment Does Not Show on Company Balance Sheet
Depreciation Experienced by lender, which may reflect in lower payment rates
Little OR No Money Down
Sales Tax Invoiced Monthly
Lease Purchase w/ Option
Little OR No Money Down
You May Purchase Equipment at Lease End OR Walk Away
You Keep Any Depreciation Benefits
Sales Tax Invoiced Monthly
Lease Purchase Sale
You Own Equipment at the End of the Lease
Little or No Money Down
Sales Tax Paid Upfront
You Can Own the Equipment for as little as $1 at lease completion
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