Gas or Diesel – both have their unique set of advantages and disadvantages. We are not talking
about the environmental effect of operation as both would have an equal range. In the past,
diesel engines weren’t the first choice in designing high emission vehicles as compared with
engines powered by gasoline. However, the differences today have narrowed down. Further,
the pollution regulatory boards have ensured that emissions are kept to a certain limit. So, how
does one compare?

The cost

Gasoline offers strict advantages when it comes to the fuel cost. Diesel has always been more
expensive since its production and consumption is attached with higher taxes and other
environmental regulations. Gasoline is cheaper but if you are looking at fuel efficiency, diesel
wins the tussle. The US Department of Energy reports that diesel engines would offer between
30 and 35 percent better fuel efficiency when compared to gasoline.
The cost of mechanics
Mechanics experienced with gas engines are more and hence are cheaper than a mechanic who
can work on diesel engine repairs. The maintenance cost of diesel engines is even more and
over the lifetime of the vehicle, you will need to visit the garage more times than if you had a
gas alternative.


You would often get the notion that diesel engines are way hardier and last longer than gas
ones. However, this had been a fact of the past but is changing fast in recent years. Gas buses
that are well taken care of have as much miles left in them (sometimes even more) than diesel
ones. Another factor contributing to the superiority of gas engines is the technology evolution
that is centered on them. Modern gas engines are much more efficient, less polluting, noise
free and come with other benefits that were not there in the past.

Power requirement

Now, since we are talking of a bus, you should be worried about the kind of power that your
engine delivers. A bus loaded with passengers will definitely put a lot of stress on the engine.
Diesel engines have an advantage here as they help maintain power and extended loads for
long time periods. A gasoline engine can lose out quickly if it is continuously strained with full
load. Greater power associated with diesel engines is reasoned by its torque. Diesel engines,
being heavier built and the compression ratio is likely 3 times that of a gas powered vehicle.
Resale value

Lastly, there will always come a time when you would be looking to upgrade. Diesel buses resell
faster and carry more value, aptly because of the kind of power they are able to generate. It’s
not surprising why diesel buses are in higher demand.
Diesel buses cost more than their gas alternatives but looking at the long term value and the
kind of use you would put them in, they are clear favorites among clients. However, you should
also keep an eye for new technology in the market and it won’t’ be surprising if your needs are
met by a new gas powered vehicle.

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