There’s a long list of homework to be done before paying up for a used bus if you want to cut out a fair
deal. Most times, a pre-owned bus might sound like a good deal when compared to getting a new
vehicle, but this depends on a lot of factors. The cost of ownership for you should also include repairs
and maintenance which forms a part and parcel of a used bus deal. However, if you have done the right
research and asked around enough, you may be surprised how much money you can actually save with
used shuttle buses.

The kind of repairs it needs

Used shuttle buses invariably would need some repairs before you can put it on the road. The condition
of the used bus is perhaps the first of things to consider, even before you have known how much it will
be sold for. Check the drive train, the interiors and the frame. This should give you an idea of how much
more money you will need to spend on it. In case you are especially worried about the specs, check the
HVAC units, the floor structure, the audio equipment on board and similar things.

The history of the bus

This is very important but is often missed or ignored. Ask the seller for the vehicle’s maintenance
records to check how it has been cared for. Check for any claims on insurance or accidents that the
vehicle has been involved in the past. If a used bus has lower miles but carries a rough history, it might
not be the best deal for you.

The use it will be put to

Another important point to consider is the kind of work the bus will be put to. Will you be making cross
country trip? Will the bus become a part of public/school fleet? You will also need to check the kind of
luggage space you are looking for. If you are looking to use it for travel purposes, you will need bigger
luggage space than if it is being converted into a school bus. Further, if you intent to take the bus on
longer trips, it should have the provision for bathroom. Also, longer trips will need a stronger chassis.
You should ensure that the one you are buying has these integrated.
The specifics

Now, come the make and look of the bus. Used buses running on gas will attract a different price than
one powered by diesel. Also take into consideration the International Taxes you might have to pay
because of the make and model of the vehicle. You might want to consider buses with extra safety
features, choose between disc brakes and air brakes and whether you have a driver who is experienced
and trained enough to handle the vehicle.

All of this investigation takes time but does ensure that you are putting your money into something
worth the trouble. Price, though no less important, should be the last factor when you are doing the

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