As discussed in one of our earlier blogs, it is really important that you maintain your fleet of buses to not over spend on maintenance costs and also to not compromise on the quality of the fleet of buses. 

But sometimes it’s just not possible to understand when you need to invest in a new bus and ditch the old one. Though having a bus business can be a good money making opportunity, but it can also lead you to spend more and maybe run out of finances if not maintained and taken care of properly.

If you own a fleet of buses which has a tour bus to make people go across the states and/or towns, then there are higher chances that this time might be the right time to invest in a new tour bus for sale. And if you are reading this blog, then you have landed at the right place to understand as to why investing in a new bus is the right option for you.

Some of our suggested and experienced 9 tips for your new tour buses are:

  1. Current condition of your fleet

The current condition of your fleet is a clear and the first indication about whether you need an upgrade or not. Older buses that have visible wear and tear or rusted body or even those which have had more downtime days as opposed to days in service need to be upgraded. A new and advanced model will surely work great to limit losses due to downtime, during the peak hours of a day or even during peak times of the year. You can’t afford to have downtime during any part of the day or the year.

  1. Continuous or even frequent customer and client complaints or suggestions 

Continuous complaints from your customers and clients or suggestions from them about your old fleet of buses are also a clear indication towards upgrading. Just think about it, how about if they mention about your poor buses and services on social media? Already it is hard to find new customers and clients, and with this, you’ll even lose out on your old ones. So before they take up on social media or even spread bad reports about you, change it. This will also make them feel that they are important to you.

  1. New tour buses means extra profits

In continuation of the above point, if you have new bus, you can always ask for extra bucks from your passengers and clients as you’ll have the reason to do so with the new up to date design and additional features. This means you’re not only saving up on maintenance and additional costs, instead earning more. A win-win situation for both.

  1. High maintenance and additional costs 

If your old fleet of buses is taking up considerable amount of maintenance costs and time, then also it’s better to upgrade to a new buses.  Invest in new tour buses for more round trips and customers.

  1. Lesser passenger carrying capacity

Are your groups getting larger or smaller?  It is important to have the right size buses to accommodate the groups that are booking.   And if you are someone who have advance bookings or high pouring of customers and clients, new buses will surely prove to be advantageous.

  1. Switching to alternative clean and green fuel options

As technology is changing and more and more clean and greener fuels are coming up, go in for greener buses with cheaper and greener alternatives. This will give you an edge over your competitors and will also resonate with the social standards and beliefs to protect environment and nature.  Some states have implemented emissions requirements that require you to retire your old bus and upgrade to new or later model used bus.

  1. Introduction of latest and new technology 

It is possible that your old buses might not be standing up to the mark of latest and new technology like personal video screens, Wi-Fi, charging etc. So in order to stand out and use technology to the best, invest in new tour buses. New buses will also help you include additional tours and routes to further expand on your services.

  1. Ensuring comfort and safety of employees

Your urge to switch to newer buses should not only be driven by the complaints from your customers and clients or to go green or even to cut down on costs, it should also be driven by the comfort of your drivers. New buses will provide the required comfort and safety which might not be fully supported by your old fleet of tour buses.

  1. Prone to employee and passenger/client safety 

Each year, new and improved safety features are built in to the chassis and buses.  The newer your bus, the more safe it most likely may be provided it is maintained and scheduled.

And here we are!

We have reached a point where we have educated you enough to decide whether you need a new bus or just a revamp. But if you are planning to splurge on a new tour bus, then Nations Bus is the right choice because of the variety of tour, charter, and shuttle buses for sale they have and a lot more reasons. They provide great before and after service, helping you with a variety of loans or leases based upon your credit and business score and also provide guidance as to what bus will suit your business and budget type.

Consult our professionals and experts before finalizing one in order to not over-spend or regret later!

For any further enquiry or information, don’t forget to drop a mail at or give a call at 800-523-3262.

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