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You could be headed to a party in the next city, or driving with your favourite rock band to the concert arena. Our limo buses for sale can be customised to provide peripheral seating for 10 or more people, with enough leg room Except – do you have a large enough vehicle to take you and your friends around town for a party? You should be together, not in separate cars, so you can drive around as a group talking, dancing and partying the night away. This means you need a large bus, but not one with fixed seating in it. The bus you’re looking for is a limo bus – and you’re in luck, because we’ve got the perfect one for you.

Stability flooring to provide a smooth ride to the most enthusiastic partiers. There’s enough room for both people and equipment, so you can carry as many drinks, baggage or other equipment that you need.

Whether you require a limo coach for hire or sale, we have it on our list already. Take a look at our inventory below and get in touch with us for the limo bus you want. We can customise the limo coach the way you want, and even add additional features if you require them.

Call us on (800) 523-3262 to discuss your specific requirements, or write to us at Our limo buses for sale can play a big part in helping you throw a rocking party!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a limo bus?

Limo buses are special designed buses for recreational purposes – typically carrying a bus exterior and a limousine (limo) interior – hence the name, limo bus. Limo buses are characterized by their high customizable capabilities, and usually carry more than 10 passengers, owing to actual traditional limousines hosting 7 to people inside. The rear-engine diesel pusher design in the limo bus can house up to 50 people for entertainment purposes, while the more popular front-engine cab-chassis design accommodates 20 to 30 people at a time.

Limo buses for sale are packed with features like luxury seating, hardwood dance floors, laser lights, dance poles, bars, flat-screen TVs with entertainment systems (think surround sounds), karaoke machines, etc. Limo buses are ideal for bus service providers or hotels giving city tours to their guests, and for different reasons based on their customers’ preferences.

There is not much difference between a limo bus and a party bus; they are essentially the same. You can browse Limo buses for sale at Nations Bus Sales. We are the top bus dealer in the United States and hold the largest bus inventory containing new and used buses for sale. You can email us at or call us at +1 800 523 3262 for any queries.

Is it hard to drive a limo bus?

Limo buses, or limo coaches, are just as hard (OR easy) to drive as other types of buses. The answer is subjective in the sense that experienced drivers will find navigation easy. The type of limo coach is also another important factor. Many other factors will similarly play a role in determining whether driving a limo bus is difficult for a certain individual.

We strongly recommend you make sure you have the necessary qualifications and on-road practice time before venturing with bus driving, be it a limo bus or any other type.

Do limousine bus drivers require a special license?

Laws differ state-wise. Some states might require a special license for limo bus drivers, while others may add filters like commercial or personal ownership and usage (purpose), whether you are medically fit to drive, your driving history, etc. Check your state’s special license requirements beforehand and consult a registered agency and your peers before proceeding.

How much does it cost to start a limousine business?

The capital required would be based on the size of the business, will include decisions like the fleet size you want to own, the geographical area of service coverage, limo bus size, your state’s business environment, insurance coverage and other costs, driver fees and standard gear, vehicle storage location, work permits, and other considerations that come along with any business. A couple of vehicles and few drivers can cost around $150,000 while a bigger fleet of six limo coaches for sale will cost closer to $500,000. Let our experts at Nations Bus Sales know if you are looking for limo buses for sale, and what sort of limo bus business you intend to start.

Entering into the limo bus/limo coach business might be lucrative, but market research needs to be conducted to find out the feasibility of the business. Actual estimates on how lucrative it will be must be calculated and only then should a venture be undertaken.

How long is the average limo?

Average limousines are approximately between 20 to 30 feet. They can be, however, and are stretched to as long as 100 feet!

What is the difference between a limo and a stretch limo?

Length. Stretch limos are simply limos, sedans, town cars or other vehicles which are cut in half, stretched, and welded back to form a longer one-piece stretch limo. Stretch limos for sale will naturally accommodate more passengers and have room for more amenities, and their price/cost will be higher than regular limo coaches.

Do limo buses have seat belts?

Generally, they do not. Most buses, by federal law, are not required to be equipped with seat belts, and that is the exception under which limo buses operate. You would find a common example in school buses which do not have safety belts either, except in 8 states as of 2018 including Texas, Arkansas, Florida and New Jersey. Laws differ state wise and according to factors like total number of seats and number of perimeter and driver-facing seats. The drivers themselves have to adhere to stricter laws and do wear seatbelts. Another point is that passengers must wear seat belts if the limo bus provides it, or otherwise not. This is in lieu of the reason that manufacturers provide seat belts based on the type and distance of travel the limo bus will undertake. If you provide services within the city, you probably do not need your limo bus to have seat belts.

From a practical standpoint, it makes little sense to have seat belts in limo buses as at least a few passengers are either dancing, visiting the washroom or performing such activities as cannot be restrained by seat belts.

Is a limo bus more expensive or a party bus more expensive?

Both the terms refer to the same type of vehicle, which is a customized coach designed specifically for entertainment and relaxation purposes. The real cost of party buses or limo buses, apart from the original purchase cost, lie in the level of customization which a business entity, for example, a bus service provider, will opt for.

View our inventory at Nations Bus Sales for limo buses for sale and contact us for other types of new and used buses for sale.

How much does a limo bus cost?

Cost of a limo bus or a limo coach for sale depends on a variety of factors such as the number of people you want to fit in it (size), the level of customization you opt for, and your own budget, among others. For example, our 2013 Tiffany Sprinter (Chassis: Mercedes) with Perimeter Seating, LED, Laser, Fiber Optics and Ceiling & Floor Mood Lighting with Altro Wood Flooring, 2 Monitors, Coolers and more is priced at $42,800 (subject to change) whereas our 2007 Krystal Koach KK38 Limobus is priced more moderately at $19,800 even though its carrying capacity is 36 passengers as compared to the Sprinter’s 14.

In essence, there is no upper limit on the cost of limo buses due to their heavy dependence on the level of entertainment you choose to provide your customers with, as compared to other types of buses, which are mostly standardized in nature. In addition to economic variants, one may also opt for a used limo coach for sale if cost is the primary point of concern. Drop a mail at and we’ll see how we can help you find the right fit for a limo coach.

Is a limo bus business profitable?

Few places in the world have a more vibrant and buzzing atmosphere than destinations in the United States such as Nevada (read Las Vegas), Los Angeles, Florida, New York City, Illinois, California, and such. Foreign tourists and Americans themselves travel from far and wide to experience the city life and gift themselves much needed/well deserved relaxation/entertainment breaks.

When the population influx is driven inward primarily for such purposes, it pays to have a business that caters to these needs. Medium or large groups often search for amenities such as limo coaches, and these can be a valuable addition to a service range you as a business provide, whether as part of a package or exclusively. The demand for limo services blooms perpetually in the United States, granted the location is right. You can contact our experts at Nations Bus Sales to discuss more on +1800 523 3262 or via email at We’ll be glad to assist you with our domain knowledge and our inventory fleet range.

What are the challenges in owning a limo bus for personal use?

Limo coaches are not designed for personal use. They are usually made for bus service providers or businesses to provide services to customers. Conveniences are made by spending cash through which large groups of people can enjoy themselves, which will really not justify the cost if one just makes a few outings a year. Registrations and other frameworks like insurance coverages for personal use limo coaches are not the same as limo coaches used for commercial purposes, so in case you thought of cashing in your limo, you may need to go through the entire legal process. Moreover, as far as personal use goes, one can simply rent limo coaches of your choice and suitable to the occasion whenever needed, as one would require different limo coaches for different occasions. The government also imposes ‘gas-guzzler taxes’ for fuel-inefficient vehicles such as limo buses to discourage its widespread use, so bearing that personally is another strain.

However, if you can maintain and afford it, few possessions are as convenient as limo coaches for relaxation and entertainment.

How much is insurance for a limo bus?

The insurance coverage you have to pay for your limo bus, or buses, will depend on various factors. Location matters in the States. Louisiana’s insurance rates are higher than Ohio’s, for example. The type of service you offer plays a role. For example, whether you provide wedding services, city tours, night outs, etc. Another factor is the accident history. Many accidents may render one uninsurable, but that is not often the case. Area of operation in proximity to base and added years of business experience are a couple of examples where you will land a cheaper policy.

How many miles per gallon does a limo get?

A Hummer Limo will give you a fuel economy of less than 10 miles per gallon (mpg). These are some of the bigger limos out on the road, and extract more fuel due to their large size, not-so-sleeky built and to keep the entertainment systems running, as with other limo coaches. Cadillac limousines will run around 15 mpg with efficiency increasing or decreasing 3 mpg depending on whether the limo is being driven on the highway or the city, respectively.

Bear in mind that fuel efficiency is one of the last factors your customers will look for. Moving in style has its costs, and everything is recoverable from the beneficiaries of the limo services.

How many passengers can fit in a limo?

Depends on how long the limo is. Average limousines are made to fit 7 to 10 people inside, comfortably, while Hummer or Suburban limos will fit 20 people. Speaking of limo buses for sale, they can house anywhere between 20 to 50 people depending on the make, model and customization.

What is the difference between a party bus and a limo bus?

There is essentially no real difference between limo buses and party buses. Both are modified coaches designed for entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment purposes with customized features allowing all sorts of supporting amenities inside the bus itself.

What is better, a party bus or limo bus?

Limo buses and party buses essentially refer to the same thing. The real point of distinction is whether to have a traditional limousine fleet for business or a limo bus/limo coach/party bus. The same goes for customers wanting to avail such services.

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My son recently turned 21 and said he wanted to help in the family’s car rental business, but I had a better idea. I started him off with two minibuses – he can hire them out for picnics or small groups looking to tour the area. My son is getting steady business most days of the week – if we want to expand the fleet by buying new buses, we’re going to Nations Bus!
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