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Mini Bus is used to describe the type of shuttle bus designed and built for various useful applications. These include passenger transportation for Schools, Hotels, Airports, Resorts, Assisted Living Communities, Parking Operators, Rental Car Shuttles, Cruise Ship Passenger Transportation and other applications.

Usually hosting passenger capacities anywhere between nine (9) and twenty-five (25), there are a multitude of seating configurations available for these type of mini shuttle buses. Some of the popular seating configurations include options for rear luggage compartments, handicap assisting wheel chair lift packages, interior luggage spacing. The seating can be configured in rows with a centered aisle or in a perimeter format for quicker passenger loading and unloading.

Mini Buses are shuttle buses that are manufactured in a two-stage process and are in the “cutaway” bus category. This means the bus body is built upon a truck or van platform or chassis. These chassis are provided to the bus body manufacturer with only a truck or van cab with upon which the bus body is built and placed. Produced by the first stage (van/truck) manufacturers, a cutaway chassis generally features a van or truck front end and cab design. The body ends immediately behind the driver and front passenger seats, and is usually covered by temporary plywood or heavy cardboard material for shipment to the various second stage manufacturers. This is how the name “cutaway chassis” moniker was coined, in recognition of this feature.

The minibus manufacturer is known as “body-builder,” and build such products as buses and other specialized vehicles. These completed vehicles meet the Federal Motor Vehicle safety Standards (FMVSS) in the US, are fully compliant with requirements for a complete motor vehicle. Neither portion can be licensed or operated lawfully without the other. Many cutaway chassis are equipped with dual rear wheels and can handle greater weight loads than the basic vans upon which they were based.

Depending on the type of use, location of operation and fuel availabilities, the cutaway chassis’ engines can be powered by Gasoline or Diesel fuel, Propane or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Battery / Electric (EV).

Mini buses are available for sale from Nations Bus Sales in both New and Pre-Owned varieties. Nations Bus Sales

Wherever you want to go with your group in tow, we’re there to provide the smoothest ride with our mini buses for sale. Call us on (800) 523-3262 to discuss your requirements, or write to us at We’re here to guide you on getting the best mini bus and also customising your purchase for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mini Buses

How many seats are there in a minibus?

Minibuses are usually larger than regular passenger-carrying motor vehicles but smaller than full-sized buses. There are no fixed seating capacities for a minibus. As such, it may range between 9 seater minibus to 35 seater minibus. Please visit our inventory page to get detailed information on minibuses and vans for sale

Is a 9-seater a minibus?

Yes, a 9-seater can be termed as a minibus. You may find new minibuses for sale or used minibuses on online platforms which are 9-seaters. However, they may also be referred to as minivans, due to the loose nature of usage and inter-changeability between minivans and minibuses; however, minivans are generally 7-8 seaters.

Do school minibus drivers need a CPC?

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. The Driver CPC is nothing but a standard framework developed by the European Union to ensure all that professional drivers are competent in their profession and comply with/adhere to ongoing training and education.
School minibus drivers may or may not need a CPC depending on their work location, as laws differ by states and countries, and the laws themselves are subject to change as per amendments implemented as seen fit by the governing authorities. Complete information should be obtained by school minibus drivers with respect to their individual circumstances, and whether prescribed exceptions apply to them.

What size minibus can I drive on a car license?

Laws regarding using minibuses differ on two parameters: state-wise, and whether it is used for private or commercial purposes. For example, a commercial license was needed in California from 2017 to drive a vehicle which can transport 10 or more people, including the driver. States may allow you to drive new or used minibuses on regular car licenses. However, the regulations may vary again based on the number of seats of the minibus. Complete information with respect to these parameters must be sought before driving a minibus on a car license.

Which minivan has the most seating?

In terms of most seating, minivans offer at least 8 passenger seating capacities. With respect to passenger space. Some minivans based on our recommendations are: The 2021 Champion Challenger 230 Airporter (Ford E350 Chassis), the 2020 Eldorado Advance 220 Executive (Chassis: Ford Transit 350 HD), the 2020 Turtle Top Terra Transit 220 (Chassis: Ford E350), the 2017 Sprinter Executive by McSweeney (Chassis: Mercedes), and others. All of the above minivans are available for sale on Nations Bus which has a collection of hundreds of new and used buses for sale in the United States. You can also inquire about this and any other query regarding new and used minivans for sale on +1 800 523 3262.

Is minivan safer than SUV?

SUVs have greater visibility and have a higher ride height than minivans. Many SUV brands have strong crash test ratings from certified testing institutions. SUVs are also renowned for their off-road performance capabilities. On the other hand, SUVs are more prone to rollover accidents than minivans due to their high centre of gravity, so minivans have better handling. Also, many modern minivans offer top high-tech safety features and crash scores. SUVs perform better in frontal collisions owing to design/built.
So with respect to different parameters, safety becomes subjective in either SUV or minivan. It also depends on the budget; a higher-end minivan will outperform a lower-end SUV in terms of safety, and vice versa. Finally, different reports suggest different ‘winners’ in this safety domain.
The most important thing to remember is this: Safety is a function of how the vehicle is being driven. So whether you grab a minivan or an SUV, make sure to drive safe

Which minivan has the best safety rating?

Speaking generally, the make of minivans are such that they are prone to accidents. Many reasons, a low centre of gravity, for example, or the aerodynamics of these minivans to navigate at top speeds on highways, compel all minivan manufacturers to prioritize safety. Brands like Mercedes and Ford are known for their chassis quality and strength, and their upper models naturally offer some of the best safety features in the market.
Safety ratings are given by particular assessors on certain prefixed parameters, so while they can be trusted, they are not the only gauge of safety guarantee of a new minivan for sale. Experts like Nations Bus Sales can always guide customers to the safest minivans according to one’s requirements.

Which minivan has a vacuum?

Minivans nowadays are being manufactured with inbuilt vacuums for added passenger safety. One can know more about the usage of vacuums in minivans including factors like their benefits, cost to vehicle, etc. from Nations Bus. You can reach out to them through call on +1 800 523 3262 or visit the Nations Bus website to view their inventory list.

What defines a minibus?

There is no set definition for what constitutes a minibus. Any passenger-carrying motor vehicle which can accommodate more people than regular cars, but less people than a full-sized bus, is called a minibus or minivan. They are usually ‘defined’ by their seating capacity, which may be between 9 seater minibus to 35 seater minibus.

How big is a minibus?

It primarily depends on the seating capacity of the minibus. Overall height is more or less the same, which is around 9 feet (108 inches) and tad taller – around 10 feet. The total length of minibus ranges between 21 to 28 feet. Overall width may range from 8 to 9 feet.
These dimensions should give you a good idea of what to look for when you’re looking for a new or used minibus for sale in showrooms and on online platforms.

How long is a 15-seater minibus?

Length of a minibus may depend on the available type and brand of minibus for sale. 15-seater minibuses may be 10 feet long, or they may stretch to as long as 25 to 30 feet.

What’s the best minivan for the money?

Perceptions of the best minivan depends on the requirements one has and the performance one wants to extract from them, so in essence, any minivan for sale might be purchased and considered worth the buck, be it luxury or economical. However, taking the general meaning of the sentence, here are a few recommendations for minivans we have for your consideration.
Bear in mind you can also purchase used minivan versions of these minivans:

  1. 2013 Diamind VIP2000 – Ford is one of the brands which are synonymous with quality and reliability since decades. This E350 10-seater model from Ford has a 5.4L V8 engine, automatic transmission, Altro Flooring, Front and Rear AC Systems, Rear Heater, AM/FM CD Player and so much more packed within it at a price of just $16,800
  2. 2020 Eldorado Advance 220 Executive – 14-passenger 3.5L v-6 Cyclone automatic Ford Transit 350 HD chassis with 36’’ Electric Entry Door, Stainless Steel Wheel Inserts, Interior and Exterior LED Lights, Yellowstone Wood Look Flooring, Emergency Equipment and a slew of awesomely hi-tech, convenient and superbly aesthetic features will make you fall in love with this minivan. It’s $69,900, and it’s worth the money for many
  3. 2017 Sprinter Executive by McSweeney – This Mercedes minivan for sale on Nations Bus, is a diesel variant with features packed to the brim. USB Power Ports, Backup Camera and Alarm systems, Rear Luggage XL Compartment, Highback Reclining Seats, Bluetooth Compatibility – the technology oozes out. It is priced perhaps justifiably at $42,800
  4. 2012 Turtletop Vanterra – This Ford E350 Chassis minivan is priced at an economical $14,800. Its gas tank and 11 passenger capacity along with Braun Wheelchair Lift, Electric Entry Door, Mid-back seating with armrest and seatbelts make it a viable minivan option on sale.

Three points are to be kept in mind with respect to all the above minivans for sale, or when purchasing the same used minivans:

  1. All features of all minivans listed above cannot be mentioned.
  2. Each minivan has loads of other features. Also, they may have some drawbacks, especially in the case of used minivans.
  3. One must purchase any minivan with caution to get the best value for their money. Finally, prices mentioned are indicative in nature. Actual prices may vary.

What is the cheapest minivan?

If you are looking for economical minivans, we suggest you go for a used minivan that is still in decent condition. One should be able to find suitable functional used minivans for sale in the market.
Some recommended options for the ‘cheapest’ minivans for sale are:

  1. 014 Cadillac XTS ($9,800)
  2. 012 Turtletop Vanterra ($14,800)
  3. 009 El Dorado Aero Elite Paratransit 250 ($17,500)
  4. 010 Starcraft Allstar P/T ($24,800)
  5. 013 Diamind VIP 2000, among others

Also bear in mind that used minivans may still be purchased at lower prices. Online portals for used minivans can be tried. One can find all the above mentioned minivans for sale and more on Nations Bus, the largest inventory holder for new and used buses for sale in the United States.

Are minivans good in snow?

All-wheel drive minivans are ideal for navigating the snow in minivans. However, they aren’t a must. Traction can be improved through winter tires installation, so front-wheel drive minivans are also capable of handling moderate amounts of snow. An AWD (All-Wheel Drive) reduces fuel economy and lowers seat configuration options, so there are still companies and customers making a case and a market for them. However, if snow clearance is not that great in your region, or your route falls in hilly regions, the grip on front-wheel wouldn’t be the same as AWD
Both AWD and front-wheel minivans can be opted for to navigate snow; AWD is the better minivan option.

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I recently bought a bus through Nations Bus and it was honestly the BEST experience that I have ever been through! I was a bit confused about the type of bus that I should have bought, but the staff there was friendly and patient enough to explain every little detail to me about the buses are there for sale! Thanks a lot Nations Bus. 5 STAR for sure.
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We have a huge family with our 3 kids and 2 of my sister’s, and we often plan weekend getaways together. Last month I decided to finally buy a shuttle bus for the family vacations. And Nations Bus has been the best agency ever. Their friendly staff never pesters you to make purchases of the bus that benefits them more than you.
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My son recently turned 21 and said he wanted to help in the family’s car rental business, but I had a better idea. I started him off with two minibuses – he can hire them out for picnics or small groups looking to tour the area. My son is getting steady business most days of the week – if we want to expand the fleet by buying new buses, we’re going to Nations Bus!
Rouse K

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