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Mini Bus is used to describe the type of shuttle bus designed and built for various useful applications. These include passenger transportation for Schools, Hotels, Airports, Resorts, Assisted Living Communities, Parking Operators, Rental Car Shuttles, Cruise Ship Passenger Transportation and other applications.

Usually hosting passenger capacities anywhere between nine (9) and twenty-five (25), there are a multitude of seating configurations available for these type of mini shuttle buses. Some of the popular seating configurations include options for rear luggage compartments, handicap assisting wheel chair lift packages, interior luggage spacing. The seating can be configured in rows with a centered aisle or in a perimeter format for quicker passenger loading and unloading.

Mini Buses are shuttle buses that are manufactured in a two-stage process and are in the “cutaway” bus category. This means the bus body is built upon a truck or van platform or chassis. These chassis are provided to the bus body manufacturer with only a truck or van cab with upon which the bus body is built and placed.  Produced by the first stage (van/truck) manufacturers, a cutaway chassis generally features a van or truck front end and cab design. The body ends immediately behind the driver and front passenger seats, and is usually covered by temporary plywood or heavy cardboard material for shipment to the various second stage manufacturers. This is how the name “cutaway chassis” moniker was coined, in recognition of this feature.

The minibus manufacturer is known as “body-builder,” and build such products as buses and other specialized vehicles. These completed vehicles meet the Federal Motor Vehicle safety Standards (FMVSS) in the US, are fully compliant with requirements for a complete motor vehicle. Neither portion can be licensed or operated lawfully without the other. Many cutaway chassis are equipped with dual rear wheels and can handle greater weight loads than the basic vans upon which they were based.

Depending on the type of use, location of operation and fuel availabilities, the cutaway chassis’ engines can be powered by Gasoline or Diesel fuel, Propane or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Battery / Electric (EV).

Mini buses are available for sale from Nations Bus Sales in both New and Pre-Owned varieties. Nations Bus Sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of license do you need to drive a bus?

In all states except CA, to drive any vehicle over 15 passengers or with a GVWR of over 26,000 lbs, you need a Commercial Driver’s License with a Passenger Endorsement.  If it has airbrakes, you also need an Air Brake endorsement.  In CA, the number of seats is 10 before you need a commercial license.

Can you deliver the vehicle to me?

We can either arrange to have the vehicle driven to you or sent on a flatbed truck.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we can assist with either loans or leases on most vehicles with decent credit.  Down payment is determined by strength of credit and time in business, starting as low as no money down.

What is the shortest term I can lease a bus?

Normally, the shortest lease term is 12-24 months.  Occasionally, there have been situations that are shorter.

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I recently bought a bus through Nations Bus and it was honestly the BEST experience that I have ever been through! I was a bit confused about the type of bus that I should have bought, but the staff there was friendly and patient enough to explain every little detail about the buses to me! Thanks a lot Nations Bus. 5 STAR for sure. 

Ryan L

We have a huge family with our 3 kids and 2 of my sister’s, and we often plan weekend getaways together. Last month I decided to finally buy a shuttle bus for the family vacations. And Nations Bus has been the best agency ever. Their friendly staff never pesters you to make purchases that benefits them more than you. 

Jennifer M

My son recently turned 21 and said he wanted to help in the family’s car rental business, but I had a better idea. I started him off with two minibuses – he can hire them out for picnics or small groups looking to tour the area. My son is getting steady business most days of the week – if we want to expand the fleet, we’re going to Nations Bus!

Rouse K