A Technical Guide To Motorcoach Dimensions And Seating Capacity: Before Hitting The Road


So, you have decided on investing in a motorcoach. Congratulations. You would need to know a few basic things like motorcoach dimensions or its length to understand how the process of buying a motorcoach can be less complicated. Are you also worried about the motorcoach seating capacity and how it fits into your business?

Stop worrying and read on to get clarity before you hit the road.

Just to let you know that motorcoach dimensions depend on the long-distance travel. Along with it the seating capacity will comfort level for passengers. Space for luggage and storage adds to the choice of the vehicle and the motorcoach length.

An average motorcoach bus dimension:

  • 39’4” (12 m),
  • widths of 8’4” (2.55 m),
  • heights of 12’6” (3.81 m),
  • capacity of 44-49 (+1) seats


Motorcoach Seating Capacity – Choose The Right Motorcoach For Your Business

When you set out to buy a bus the primary goal is to have comfortable seats for passengers. Whether it is ride for pick up and drop, bus for parties, long distant travel, people need to sit for long hours. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat for long hours without recliners can be a pain in the back. The seat quality, soft leather, arm rests, space for legs and ability to change positions make a different. Keep this in mind when buying the bus. People in the travel industry have multiple purposes of a bus.  To make the sound investment the size of the bus also can make a difference. Sizes are big enough to carry 56-57 passengers and most do not have seat belts. The   motorcoach seating capacity depends on how the bus will be used. A mini- bus can carry 36 people easily. Wedding parties require such vehicles to get their guests to destinations.

But any journey can be worthwhile if the seating is wonderful. Think about it as a priority.

Motorcoach Length and Dimensions – Choose The Right Motorcoach For Your Business

A motorcoach length again is dependent on its usage. For example, a motorcoach Class A or motorcoach Class C have different lengths. They can be either 22 feet or as large as 50 feet long. Your business will depend on the how comfortable the passengers feel on long and short rides. This will also help to realize the scope of the bus requirement. Whichever bus you choose after the seating arrangement look for the dimensions. Nations Bus website shows various motorcoach models, lengths and dimensions for you to visually identify which will suit your transportation purpose. Maybe you are just looking for the church bus, but knowing the inside features can help to clinch the deal better. For the elderly a side impact protection or harness can be an advantage.


Nations Bus Sales – Consider Your Budget For Motorcoach

Once you know why you are investing in the motorcoach, it will be easy to identify the model required. If you need luxuries, then the 40-feet Class A is ideal. It has a slew of designs, space and amentias along with basic features. There are various sizes to choose from.

We can help you with the dimensions and seating capacity. If you like get a tape measure. Check the dimensions your way. Don’t forget finally a comfortable journey is equally important.

Count on Nations Bus staff to fulfill your requirements with expert knowledge and these tips. Once you meet us, we can offer the perfect solutions and deliver the bus at the destination.  

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