Nations Bus Sales is a bus dealership that provides both – new and used buses. We serve a wide range of customers with an equally diverse inventory. We offer the best quality buses at reasonable prices.

We understand that this is not enough and to really provide the best services we have to offer the best customer experience that we can create.  So, from the moment you decide to visit us to buy a bus, we can assist from there on. We will take you through our inventory and help you find the right bus for you. If we don’t have it in stock, we can have it built.  But that is not where our association ends. We also offer you Loan Assistance to buy/lease a bus/vehicle.  We practically help you the entire way – before, during and after the sale.

This is why we have developed a well-organized system of financing to buy/lease a bus/vehicle. Our financing option is available for all your purchases from us – both new and used buses. But don’t you worry, we will not leave you hanging in a whirlpool of paperwork that takes forever to be sorted. We will help you through the process and assist you as you take your bus home.

As you might be familiar, to approve loans or leases, all banks require a filled out and signed credit application. While most of the times this is all you need, sometimes, banks might have some additional requirements. That is mostly to check your creditability before the bank goes on to approve your auto loan to purchase a bus or vehicle. So, you might want to get your documents ready whenever you plan to get a loan. When needed, the additional documents that they could ask for are a couple years of tax returns and your bank statements for the last three months.  We understand that there are sometimes some bumps in the road of business.  When there are issues, let us know up front so we can work with the correct banks to get an approval.

To make things even easier for you, we offer you the space to submit your credit application on our website so that we can review it and get back to you about the next course of action. If you go to the Financing Section of our website, you will find the motor vehicle application waiting for you to be filled. The application for commercial vehicle loan/lease that you will find on our website is common for all kinds of buyers – Companies, Non-profits, municipalities, or even individuals. You can either fill out, print, and sign then email or fax the application or submit directly through the website.

While you are filling out the application for loan to buy/lease a bus/vehicle, be careful so as not to make any errors and put as much information as possible to help expedite the approval process. Fill in all the fields clearly and correctly. Cross-check if you have to but be very sure about the details you fill in.

So, all you need once you have decided on which bus to buy, is to fill out the form for financing and we will take you through the rest of the way.

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