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Shuttle Buses For Transportation

Safe. Sturdy. So much fun

Our range of school buses will help children in your area create their own special memories of being on the bus.

Our earliest associations with the outside world involved playing in the yard with friends, and later, going to school on the bus. Most of us even had ‘bus friends’ – these were children from our school who lived further down the road, and who we shared a bus seat with for as long as we were friends.

School buses are special for children. Not only does the bus take them to school, it is a place where they chat and catch up with their friends. A school bus is a big component of their growing up years, and it holds a special place in their hearts. Which is why, the bus that transports children to school should be big, comfortable and secured from any possible mishaps.

If your school is looking to buy new or used school buses for sale, we can help. There are several old school buses for sale in our inventory, each refurbished to look and perform like a new bus. Our mini school buses for sale are a hit with our clients, because they are fitted with comfortable, scratch- and injury-proof seats, ample leg room, low stairs, and protection against road accidents. We also have new school buses for sale if you require them.

Call us on (800) 523-3262 to get more info on any of our school buses for sale mentioned in the list below. You may even write to us at info@nationsbus.com. We are open to discussing finance options, customisation, engine performance and other parameters to suit your needs. Click on the name of each bus in the list below to find out more.