Shuttle Bus – The Quickest Way From Point A To Point B

What is a shuttle bus?

A shuttle bus is a minibus that shuttles (transports between two places) people from one main location to one or more satellite locations, usually for free. For example, a shuttle bus may carry one from the airport to the hotel they are staying at. Shuttle buses are usually free because they are a ‘convenience addition’ part to an overall service you might be paying for. New and used shuttle buses will usually be found around airports, around and in terminals, cases where airports do not use a jet bridge, transference from airport to car parks, etc. These airport shuttle buses will usually link with other transport hubs shuttle buses to seamlessly ferry passengers to destination.
Shuttle buses are usually painted in bright colours or the brand colours of its owning enterprise. Various types of shuttle buses are available for sale: like intermodal shuttle buses for sale, express service shuttle buses for sale, premium shuttle buses for sale with extra luggage space.
Shuttle buses are usually designed to carry anywhere between 15-45 people. Prospects looking to purchase new and used shuttle buses are companies/enterprises/businesses looking to enhance their customer service by providing shuttle bus services to its customers.

Do you need CDL for shuttle bus?

CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. CDL is a required pre-requisite to driving a shuttle bus The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the United States (FMCSA) states that if the shuttle bus weighs less than 26,000lbs and transports less than 16 people, a CDL is not required to drive that shuttle bus. GVMR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and is the weight value specified by the vehicle manufacturer as the maximum loaded weight.
The above means that a shuttle bus will require a CDL permit if the bus weighs more than 26,000lbs GVWR and has more than 15 passengers (including the driver) regardless of the weight, and whether it is a new or used shuttle bus.
Regulations may differ state-wise, for example, Kentucky requires the weight to only be factored in as far as which class of CDL is required. Any vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds by itself is not enough to require a CDL. Therefore, make sure to consult your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation for proper licensing requirements of new shuttle buses for sale or used shuttle buses

How much does a shuttle bus cost?

Cost of purchasing new shuttle buses is obviously higher than that of old shuttle buses for sale. Additionally, cost of shuttle buses differ based on region, type of shuttle bus for sale, seasonality, occasion, frequency of usage, government policies, etc. You can browse new or used shuttle buses for sale on our inventory page or call on +1 (800) 523 3262. We will provide you complete information on its costs and features, and have inquiry teams ready for assistance in queries related to new or used shuttle buses for sale. We have the largest inventory of buses for sale in the United States.

Most office goers today prefer to take shuttle buses to work, or to get to the airport or even to reach meetings and conferences a short distance away. If you run an office whose staff members live within short distances of each other, it makes sense to have your own bus to transport them home at the end of the day. Or you could be a bus operator facing a constant demand for shuttle buses. You can now look up shuttle buses for sale and get your own.


Our new and used shuttle buses for sale are sturdy, high on performance and fitted with comfortable reclining seats and ample storage space. They can be used for both short and long distances, and can seat anywhere from 10 to 25 passengers. We have a range of used shuttle buses and vans to choose from – click on any name in the list below to find out more about the bus’s make, engine specs and interiors.


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