2022 Legal compliances to check before buying used shuttle bus

Buses are substantial purchases, and it’s vital to think about them carefully before planning. We’ve already highlighted in the past a variety of factors that potential bus buyers should take into consideration before purchasing a new or used shuttle bus. While coaches and shuttles are comparable to school buses, if you’re thinking about purchasing one, bear in mind that each vehicle has its own set of issues to consider. Today, we’ll take you through some of the legal compliances you should check before buying a new or used shuttle bus for your business or pleasure.


1) What History To Check Before Buying The Shuttle Bus?

It’s not easy to learn about a used shuttle’s past in order to predict its prospective future. It is a good idea to confirm that the bus was originally built to the standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to regulate the safety of the shuttle bus and related equipment (NHTSA).

Starting with a check of the odometer, and depending on the reading remember, it is normal for an older bus to have an engine or transmission changed, changing the effective age as reported by the mileage report. You’ll need to know if the replacement equipment was new or old, as well as when it was installed. In most circumstances, your dealer will be able to give you the documentation and background information you want.

2) Shuttle Bus Specs, Location-wise Federal Laws, Warranties, and Financing

Buyers should also check state and federal guidelines before purchasing a used shuttle. These laws might change from state to state. For example, Michigan might have a different set of rules for shuttle/church/school buses than that in Colorado or California.

A second-hand shuttle may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, depending on its size, year, specifications and condition. IF your investment is significant, you may wish to consider purchasing of extended warranties. These $2,500 – $5,000 warranties may give you a piece of mind and cover such items as engine, transmission, air conditioning and other components.

Another factor to consider is financing. When buying a used shuttle bus, you’d anticipate financing choices, and the same is true when buying a used bus – with some exceptions.  They should comply with the financial laws of that state. There should be a variety of alternatives available through dealers and other financial institutes. The financing choices will depend upon – personal or business credit, age and mileage of the equipment, dollar amount of the note needed and the purpose of the equipment’s use.

3) Intended Use Of The Shuttle – And The Choice To Purchase

The shuttle’s intended use should be a big factor in your decision. Will you be using it for luxury cross-country trips? Will you use it for airport transfers? Or will you use it as a school bus or as a church bus? The intended use of the bus also plays a vital role in deciding if it is compliant with the legal laws of that state for its purpose. What was the shuttle being used for previously?  No matter the purpose or application of your bus, almost certainly need to confirm updating equipment like mirrors and tires and all safety features.

4) How to Choose The Right Company To Buy Your Shuttle Bus From?

Who are you purchasing from? Does the company have a solid reputation? Can the company service the bus or help you when there are questions? Does the company have a proven track record? If you are buying a shuttle bus, you may need a second one or several. Buy from a company that treats you well and with which you can have a long and happy relationship. Most importantly, that company should be legally registered under US federal and state laws.  Make sure they have a Vehicle Dealer’s License.


It is essential that your new or used shuttle bus meets all legal compliances and it is up to the purchaser to ensure that the equipment they purchase meets any federal and local requirements. The above pointers should prove to be a checklist for you. Properly researching a vehicle’s history and condition, as well as establishing a routine maintenance regimen, may help you get the most out of your investment.


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