What Should Be The Price Of Your Shuttle Bus?

Note: All information mentioned in this article, including the price ranges of shuttle buses, are purely for informational purposes. The prices mentioned therein may or may not reflect the current market prices

Shuttle bus prices vary on many factors, and all costs must be calculated in consideration of these factors.


Used Shuttle Buses vs New Shuttle Buses


Used shuttle bus prices should ideally be significantly lower than new shuttle buses. If you are going for the most affordable of all, a used 25-seater 2009 Champion Defender 350 can be bought for under $10,000. In comparison, a used 2020 World Trans E280 with a Ford E450 chassis can amount to as high as $82,000. Brand new shuttle buses typically start from $40,000 and with electric shuttle buses, the cost can reach upwards of a staggering $2,90,000.



Price Difference Between 25-Seater Shuttle Bus Vs 50-Seater Shuttle Bus


Size makes a difference to shuttle bus costs, too. There would be a vast difference between a 25 seater shuttle bus price vs a 50+ seater shuttle bus price.  a 25 seater shuttle bus can be available for sale under $1,00,000 and the 50 seater shuttle can be available for sale within the price range of $1,00,000 – $3,00,000.


The Geographical Impact


Shuttle bus costs even differ according to state; for the same shuttle bus for sale in Florida, the price will be different than, say, Texas, Nevada, California, or Arizona. This is because the demand for shuttle buses is different in different states; so is the weather, the legal regulations, the maintenance, the shuttle bus insurance costs, and so on. For example, gasoline prices are higher in California, and so is the base sales tax rate.

Another reason shuttle bus prices vary according to states is that shuttle services vary under different geographical conditions. Some states are smooth-sailing; others are rough, due to extreme cold weather, like Alaska, or North Dakota.


Looking To Convert Your Bus?


Shuttle bus conversion costs are a different ball game. Of course, it depends on the quality of the conversion one is going for, but it should cost you around $10,000 – $30,000, generally speaking. The internal construction will cause the majority of the spend.

Since converted buses means that it will be your long-term home-on-wheels, we recommend investing graciously into the process. This will include pre-planning the details, and jotting down the costs of the tools and equipment, the labour, the electrical connections, and any other accessories you might want to have in your nest-on-wheels, like a cooler or a refrigerator, the outside spray/paint, etc. It all depends on the kind of budget that you have and also what you are willing to invest into the bus.

Here’s A Pro Tip From Nations Bus Sales: Invest your time, and if needed, money, into the planning phase. The results are then very likely to be aligned with your budget.

There are a lot of bus dealers out there who can quote you your ideal price for a shuttle bus, be it new or used, a 25-seater or a 50-seater, or an EV or a diesel shuttle bus. Nations Bus Sales has a whole inventory of the right shuttle buses for you, along with the technical know-how to guide you through the entire process of purchasing your very own shuttle bus.  Contact us at  800 523 3262 or simply drop us a line of enquiry at sales@nationsbus.com. We shall be most happy to assist you!

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