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Adding to your fleet of buses?

We’ve got just the buses you’re looking for – and trolley buses, too.

As a tour bus operator, it is imperative that you keep all your vehicles in top notch condition. Apart from regular maintenance and repairs, you must also discard the buses that have outlived their potential and add new ones to the fleet from time to time. Your business operates and thrives when you have a variety of buses to hire – from limo coaches to shuttles, and from mini vans to trolley buses.

Transit buses are extremely popular in the city, since they are used to ferry passengers between two short destinations. You often face a high demand for tourist transit buses in peak holiday season, and it is time you added some really good ones to your fleet. If you’re in the market to buy transit buses for sale, we have some excellent ones for your consideration.

Simply click on the buses in the list below to find the kind of bus you are looking to buy. We have both new and used transit buses for sale, apart from party buses, old school buses, shuttle buses and even trolley buses. Our buses are great for your business, since we represent only the best manufacturers: Champion Bus, Elkhart Custom, Turtle Top, Diamond Coach, Krystal, McSweeney Designs, Federal and Mobility Trans. Several hospitals, offices, tour operators, charter bus companies and others have purchased buses from us, and they continue to be delighted with our post-sales support.

Call us on (800) 523-3262 to discuss your specific requirements, or write to us at info@nationsbus.com. We can match your requirement with the perfect transit bus for sale. The perfect transit bus awaits – contact us today.