Now-a-days there are many modes of transport facilities available to us. These include transport services like cabs, car rentals, trains and buses. There are different pros of travelling in each of these different transports. Most people prefer to use transports like car rentals and airlines over others. People usually have a wrong mindset about travelling in buses, since many inaccurately believe it to be unsafe and inefficient, but there are many positives of bus travels.

Here we are going to talk about the joys of travelling in a bus!

The Easiest Mode of Transportation

If ever you are caught up in a tough situation where you are alone in an unknown area, with no way to rent a car, you could simple go to the nearest bus stop and hop on the bus which could drop you off at a known location! Buses could help us while traveling within the area or while travelling inter-state. There are bus routes literally from everywhere to everywhere. Hence, buses prove to be the easiest mode of transportation available to us.

The Cheapest Mode Of Transportation

Hands down, travelling in a bus proves to be the most economical mode of transport. In comparison booking a cab and car rentals are more expensive and the metro ticket fairs are even more so. Bus tickets come very cheap for people who are regular travelers. People who are looking for travelling on a budget could easily opt for using public transports like buses.


Public transports like buses are very eco-friendly because they help save fuel. If more people opt for travelling in buses, then a substantial amount of energy could be saved! Travelling in buses also reduce the traffic on the roads, which is a source of much stress for many people.

Helps You Explore

Bus routes take you through more local areas of a city, which can help you to explore and get to know the local areas more. It’s a fun process of learning about new places, and best suits the people who like to experience new things and visit new places. Since while travelling in a cab or even in a rented car, you are most likely to take up the routes that you know, they restrict the area which you can explore to only a few.

It’s Hassle Free

Buses commute after every short interval of time, unlike airplanes which have a fixed time at which they depart once every day or every few days. Also, bus tickets need normally not be bought prior to travelling, they can simply be bought on the spot, unlike airplane tickets which can sometimes need to be booked a couple a weeks prior to the day of the journey. Another one of the hassles of travelling in transports like airplanes is the need to stand in security lines and waiting for luggage checking. The benefit of travelling in buses is that you can board the bus as soon as it arrives at the stop, without worrying about security checks.

Making Great Memories With Friends

The different types of experiences that you go through while travelling in a bus, specially while with a group of friends could contribute in creating some really awesome memories together! Since many people can travel in a bus together, the number of people in your friend group need not be small, nor do you need to split groups to travel separately in cabs or rented cars! Being together is always more enjoyable and satisfying. A group of friends is always goofing around and having a blast, and bus travels can only enhance the fun you can have with your friends!

Meet New People

Travelling in a bus will help make you acquainted with different types of people. You can meet new people and make friends with the people around you just by engaging in light conversations. This is a great opportunity for all the socialites and the outgoing people who love to make new friends. Spontaneous conversations can also lead to a friendship for a lifetime in some cases!

Is Comfortable

Travelling in a bus is much more comfortable than travelling in a personal vehicle. This is because you can relax, sleep, watch a movie, read a book and do basically anything that you want, without handling any kind of stress about the traffic, about having to drive, etc. Also buses usually stop at a couple of pit stops, which allows you to relax your legs, freshen up a little and explore the surrounding areas. Now-a-days there are also luxury custom buses which are built as to the liking of the customer! People have started to buy a bus for starting their own business as well!

Sources Of Entertainment

Majority of bus transports now-a-days provide free Wi-Fi, it makes longer journeys a little easier to go through. This also means that you could watch your favorite movies, series, listen to music during the whole bus ride on a free Wi-Fi connection!

It’s A Whole Other World!

From wise old people to loud parents, from goofy teenagers to giggling children, you get to see it all in public transports like buses. It’s a whole different world where you get to learn so much about people in general. It can be chaotic and it can be calm, it can be irritating and it can be soothing but it sure is an experience worth experiencing.

A Prospective Business Opportunity

The trend of travelling in a bus is coming back in today’s day due to the ever increasing costs of fuels and transit tickets. This is the right time for people who wish to start a business to get started with looking for used buses for sale. There are many options like used passenger vans, custom buses, coach buses for sale and other cheap buses for sale too! Buy a bus, help others to have a memorable journey and benefit yourself in the process too!

Overall if you are really looking for a good time, either alone or with your friends, to exploring new places, experience new things and making new friends all the while keeping it under a budget, then travelling in a bus is the best way to achieve that. Buses are the most convenient, efficient, quick, hassle free and fun way of travelling. The proves to be cost effective all the while providing a great fun time for people who are not very fuzzy about things and are willing to get new experiences and build awesome memories.

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