Turtle Top Bus Models

Van Terra

9-18 Passengers


9-18 Passengers

Terra Transit

9-34 Passengers


14-26 Passengers


27-34 Passengers

About Turtle Top

In 1962, Goshen, Indiana native Earnest C. Cripe developed the first travel gear conversion for a cargo van. A principle part of this conversion was the exciting lift-able roof, which ultimately would influence the distinctive company name, Turtle Top. The concept was extremely functional and was viturally maintenance free winning universal acceptance among the travel and recreational markets.

Original Turtle Top cargo van conversions from the 1960’s

Turtle Top, a division of Cripe’s Independent Protection Company (IPC), has grown into a generational family business. Cripe’s nephews, Robert E. Cripe and Richard D. Cripe succeeded him as chief officers of the company and continued to innovate product offerings to evolve with the group transportation industry.

Turtle Top is widely recognized around the US and Canada for their innovative shuttle bus design and durable body construction on the cuta-way chassis that outlasts the competition. Their different product lines offer group transportation solutions for a variety of markets including government agencies, assisted living facilities, religious campuses, colleges and universities, tour and charter, hotels and resorts, and many more applications.

As one of the only remaining privately owned and operated shuttle bus manufacturers, fourth and fifth generations of the Cripe family are still actively involved in the business. Robert E. Cripe Jr., son of Robert E. Cripe, serves as the CEO and COO Phillip Tom Jr., son-in-law of Richard D. Cripe oversees sales and marketing. Son of Tom, Shane Tom is an integral part of the internal sales team and manages distributor relations. Children of Cripe Jr., Erica Menzie works in Human Resources and Evan Cripe is part of the sales team at IPC.

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