Turtle Top started manufacturing automotive products in 1962. What began with recreational vehicles has grown into a reputed provider of transportation solutions with sales and service locations across the USA and Canada. 

They make buses and specialty vehicles designed according to the requests and requirements of their customers. Their clientele include some of the most prestigious names in the motor coach industry.

Turtle Top specializes in manufacturing small to mid-sized buses and specialty vehicles built on Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner, and International chassis. They serve a wide variety of individuals and organizations (both governmental and non-governmental). Their product range includes buses for church, college, and school. We also make shuttle buses, transit buses, charter buses, 15 passenger vans, tour buses and limousine buses. 

At Turtle Top they believe the key to success lies in the satisfaction of their customers.  They aim to satisfy each one beyond their expectations by developing high quality customer service as their top priority. They continue to work hard to provide the best services to our customers and are proud of our reputation in the automotive industry as a company that assures quality, service, longevity, and integrity.  What better reasons to choose a Turtle Top?


Odyssey XL
Odyssey XLT
Luxury and Limo
Van Terra / Terra Transport