When It Comes To Safety, Businesses Need To Go The Extra Mile

From Delta to Omicron, the world continues to grapple with the deadly pandemic that has forced every country in the world to put safety as its top priority. Even individuals have donned on masks and face shields, and boosted their immunity with vaccines and booster shots. The societal effect of this is visible across every industry, where people appreciate all safety measures taken by a business for the protection of its customers. The appreciation is realized in the form of profit, and thus businesses have two reasons to go the extra mile in combating the virus through the latest methods available: caring for individual life and simultaneously progressing trade.

The Discovery of UVGI Light

The Ultraviolet, or UV Light, has been known to us since the dawn of the 18th century, when Johann Wilhelm Ritter discovered it. However, it was well into the 19th century when William F. Wells made two important discoveries: the spread of diseases through droplet nuclei and the role that UV, or specifically UVGI, plays in combating it.

Its History In Treating Airborne Diseases

UVGI stands for Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. Its shortwave emissions are known as UV-C, which has a proven history in helping combat water and air infections. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirms that UVC radiation helps combat the virus, and that it has been used for decades to contain bacteria spread, a prime example being tuberculosis. It has also been used in hospitals and similar medical institutions to disinfect surfaces.

How UV-C Light Protects Your Bus

When browsing through buses for sale, for example a minibus, or traveling via shuttle buses, it is imperative that you keep safety at the helm of ‘things to consider’. UV lights improve the air quality of the shuttle bus and reduce harmful pathogens within it through the HVAC (Heating, Ventilator, Air Conditioning) systems present inside the buses.

The 3 Advantages Of Using UV-C Lights For Shuttle Buses, Minibuses, And Others

  1. Lower Maintenance Costs – Studies have shown that an investment in UV-C technology can yield positive returns in about 18 months as far as maintenance cost savings are concerned. The reason behind this was the improvement in air flow which resulted in greater cooling within the shuttle bus or the minibus, thus keeping the air conditioning system in better condition than before.
  2. Greater Brand Reputation – The differentiation lies in technologies a company uses to provide safety to its customers. Whether you are a website of buses for sale, or a shuttle bus service provider, or simply own a minibus for small-scale commercial purposes, using cost-effective technology is sure to be a Unique Selling Proposition that you can both advertise, and provide actual value through. Your drivers, employees, and passengers are sure to appreciate such measures
  3. Health benefits – The most obvious, and hence kept at the bottom of the list, but nonetheless the most important advantage of the UV-C Light technology is the safety it provides to you and your family and customers. In fact, you are not alone. The New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority spent $1 million on a project to disinfect its subways and buses using 150 mobile devices that implement the UV technology to kill viruses.


A Word Of Caution

Humans directly exposed to the UV-C lights can be harmed grievously. Ensure that all legalities and precautions are followed when installing and using the system. The potential risks include breathing irritation, especially for those suffering from respiratory abnormalities like asthma or allergies. Other effects include cough, headache, and nasal irritations.

The O2 Safe Technology

Another effective technology that traps and kills virus, mold, allergen, and other harmful airborne matter is the O2 Safe Technology, which uses the same method to disinfect the air within a bus as is used in hospital operating rooms. The 4-stage HEPA – high efficiency particulate air – filter it uses, combined with one final output of UV exposure, eliminates residual viruses and refreshes the air in under a minute.

Some other advantages of the O2 Safe Technology for buses are:

  1. Simple servicing because of its placement, which is external and therefore accessible. Installation is simple as well
  2. Gravity-synchronized technology that dispenses fresh air the at roof level, as opposed to counterparts that dispense contaminated air at the face level
  3. Operates at low decibels. This, combined with its external placement, results in peaceful cabin atmosphere

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Depending on your budget, UV-C HEPA Air Purifiers can cost you anywhere from $200-$2000 and above. We suggest you consult your local experts or a friend or a business colleague. Prices also vary according to other factors like location.

If you are looking for new and used buses for sale, or want expert advice on all thing’s buses, browse the Nations Bus Sales inventory and reach out to us at 800 523 3262. You can also drop us a line at sales@nationsbus.com, and we will get back to you pertaining to your requirements.

We hope this article has proven a suitable guide to keep your shuttle buses safe from the virus. Meanwhile, do not forget to keep safe on the roads as well. Happy Driving!

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