Of course there are many reasons that make the Champion Challenger a huge hit with bus drivers across several cities. For more than sixty years this vehicle has exhibited versatile applications for users as it zooms past other bus models due to flexible configuration.  It continues to be roadworthy, matches contemporary drive values with upgraded specifications and classy interiors. It is a best seller and tops lists for bus for sale. No wonder both passengers and drivers understand its value for money for a long term investment.

We offer more insights into the bus body focusing on adaptable interior design, durability quotient and features.  We believe these components make the American home grown brand fit for competing with other rival brands in several market segments.

In order to understand why the Champion Challenger is an ideal shuttle bus for fixed routes or worthy of a happy trip with exclusive passengers, we have divided the content into easy reading parts.

  • Overview
  • Specifications table
  • Features
  • Elegant Interiors
  • External bus body
  • Flexible configuration


Why Champion Challenger is the ultimate bus driver’s delight in the private and public sectors? After scrutinizing different buses and vans models, bus drivers find it to possess versatile marketable options. Its applications fit perfectly according to the customer requirement as an ownership vehicle. The multiple chassis platform allows several transportation needs to be fulfilled and is an asset to logistics companies. The bus body is designed uniquely to allow adaptable configurations. It accommodates a minimum of 12 passengers but can be re-designed to fit an additional 15 people comfortably. Thus ferrying small groups for long routes make this an ideal bus for sale. It has other conveniences and disability access to cater to people with special needs. For the last several years, its applications have more than doubled. Happy customers have taken smooth rides with utmost comfort and relaxation.

The Champion Challenger is unlike any shuttle bus model that can be utilized for assisted living, office tours, college picnics and airport pick up/drops. Bus drivers find its usefulness for transit, parking and paratransit requirements. Safety is one of the biggest factors that have been the hallmark of this American vehicle for decades. Commuters have enjoyed miles of service compared to other mid-size vans available in this segment. The fact that it can be shaped and configured in flexible options makes it the best bus for sale in all seasons.

Standard Specifications  
33 – 60-gallon fuel tank Corrosion-protected entry step well and wings


139″ – 190″ wheelbase


Steel rear bumper


12,300 – 17,500 GVWR


Rear mud flaps


Dual batteries


Steel wheel wells


Tilt steering wheel with cruise control


96″ exterior width


124 – 225-amp alternator


89½” interior width


Power anti-lock brakes


112″ – 118″ exterior height


Power steering


add 4½” for roof vent


Radial tires


add 6″ for flat floor option


Super engine cooling


78″ interior height


External transmission cooler


21½” – 27″ overall length with standard bumper



Standard Features  
Automotive air conditioning


Insulation foamed in place


Intermittent wipers


12 Volt interior lighting


Body is square, plumb, and level prior to being mounted on OEM chassis


Stepwell lights, Floor frame undercoating

Tinted T-slider-top windows


Padded vinyl ceiling pads


Luggage door standard on luggage models


Computer-simulated crash testing based on verifiable data


Side view mirrors & Sidewall construction



Double door with manual control


Modesty panel at entry


Electrical panel


Paratransit door standard on lift models


White exterior


Track seating


Fiberglass front cap


RFP steel roof


Carpet flooring with ribbed black rubber center aisle


Rub rails


5/8″ plywood floor


Galvanized steel exterior sidewalls


Full-view curb window


Stainless steel stanchion



The Challenger has a unique structure that is adaptable. It is a heavy duty vehicle with light interiors. Thus achieving customized seating arrangement of customer choice makes it a number one shuttle bus. Depending on the market utilities, it is high on comfort for commuters and drivers. Both need a peace of mind and the dedication taken to build the framework is well thought. The possibilities to create the internal design include:

  • Audio Options
  • Paint and Graphics Packages
  • Passenger and Driver Seat Upgrades
  • Rear A/C and Heat
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Dual Door
  • ADA Packages
  • Different seating options for co-pilot, bus driver and passengers
  • Doors- passenger and driver entry and cargo placements

Many customers have a tradition to upgrade the internal parts for keeping the Champion Challenger riding for miles. Hence, alternations can be done and seating can be changed altogether. From the dashboard and driving wheel the control console is updated. The interiors also include modesty panels for passenger protection on rough roads. They can be inspected and cleaned regularly as part of overall maintenance. For the bus driver area internal harnesses made of wiring material are available.

External bus body

The external body panel for the Champion Challenger bus for sale is standard and identifiable by the design. It has front fiberglass caps for easy visibility and also cleaning purpose. Not all buses and vans have this clarity in the outer bus body. Damage, Stress repair and scratches are handled well before the customer comes for inspection for a used or new bus for sale.


One of the main factors that make CC a popular choice as a shuttle bus is the flexible configurations the makers offers. For example, the Challenger CH23 does not require a CDL cover. It can easily seat 12 + 2 people. The flooring plan can be re-routed for comfortable accommodation of passengers. The Challenger CH25 offers ample space for luggage and 18 seats. It is one of the best vans for pick up and airport drops. Passengers can stow way baggage and suitcases. The mid-sized vehicle can be parked easily for long hours without creating barriers for others. The CH 25 has 25 seating capacity with a flexible floor plan. The CH 27 comes with a rear lift as an additional feature.

The Champion Challenger is loaded with specific features which makes it an engineering model conforming to safety standards for roads in North America and Canada. Customers prefer to invest in the latest models due to the fantastic steel cage construction, passenger & driver comfort. The average bus has been tested enough and comes with the Ford QVM certification to boost off- the best ‘Made in America’ carriage.

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