Confused between the options or spoiled by choices, let our article help you make the right choice. To understand the difference between all three, let us understand more about these vehicles.

What is a Party Bus?

The prime purpose of a party bus is to provide a fun environment for partying for a group of people. These buses are operated by professional drivers who are well aware of the area and routes and help in ensuring the event is memorable and fun. Party buses often come with a lot of amenities like surround sound system, party props, dance floors, laser lights and luxury surround seating. Some may even have dance polls. These party buses can be used for various occasions like bachelor or bachelorette party, birthdays, prom parties and anniversaries. An important thing to keep in mind when booking a party bus is the number of people it can accommodate. The buses come in a myriad of sizes and seating capacities and it is important that the bus offers ample amount of space for people to roam around, sit as well as dance. Be careful not to put more people on the bus than it is built to carry.

What is a Limo Bus?

So, how does a Limo bus differ from a party bus. Well, while a party bus is hired for a special event or a party, a Limo can be hired for any purpose. The Limo bus is a luxury vehicle rented to accommodate more than 6 people at a time. The bus comes with luxury arrangements for its passengers but the interiors and amenities are not specifically restricted for a party.

What is a Charter Bus?

A charter bus on the other hand comes with nearly the same exterior as any other party bus but the seats inside are shuttle style seats. There are no disco floors, fancy lights or dancing poles in a charter bus. These buses are used for the sole purpose of transportation. While party buses are geared for special occasions and celebrations, a charter on the other hand is mostly meant for a large group of people travelling to another city for leisure purposes or corporate events.

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