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Buses Customized For Handicap

Special buses for special needs

We provide specially configured buses for the physically challenged. Our handicap buses
are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use.

It is safe to say that the world is a topsy turvy place for a physically impaired person. Where a person with normal abilities is able to walk and run, use their limbs the way they wish, and live their life to the fullest, a handicapped person leads life from a confining wheelchair. All those tasks that another person takes for granted, becomes a Herculean one for a handicapped individual.

Nowhere is this fact clearer than when a physically challenged person needs to travel. Almost all public infrastructure is designed for use by those with normal abilities. Most physically impaired persons are unable to take even the bus, because there are no ramps or pull-up stairs to pick them up with their wheelchairs. But we believe in inclusive travel for all, and our handicap buses for sale are a testament to this ethos.

Take a look at our wheelchair buses for sale in the list below to find the one that best suits the requirement of your organisation. We have a variety of handicap buses for sale, fitted with wheelchair ramps, easy stairs, guard rails, secure and comfortable seating, special restrooms with rails, and space for accompanying caregivers as well. Handicapped persons need not fear travelling when they’re on one of our buses or vans, because we offer thorough customisation as per their needs. Check out the buses in the list below and call us on (800) 523-3262 or write to us at info@nationsbus.com to pick the right wheelchair bus for sale.

Everybody travels comfortably on our buses, whatever their level of physical ability – that’s a Nations Bus promise.