The driver manning the limo bus is the most important entity. The care with which they navigate the route and manage the party at the back can make or break the mood.

This is a party-related article, but let’s start with a disclaimer: It’s not all fun and games when there’s alcohol involved. Every day, there are about 29 alcohol-impaired vehicle deaths reported across the US, with an estimated one person dying every 50 minutes in these crashes in the year 2016. States like Illinois, South Carolina, Wyoming, Ohio and Hawaii, among others, ranked amongst the highest for drunk-driving related crashes and deaths (as per CDS statistics).

So what do young people do? Where there’s a party, there’s bound to be alcohol. And you would like to drive to the party instead of taking a bus. Most party goers take the safe route out by hiring cabs – but what happens when there’s no cab in sight and you have to call your dad to get you home?

Relax – hire a party bus. In fact, party buses contribute significantly to improving road safety by ferrying a partying crowd without letting any of them take to the wheel.

Have bus, will party!

For partygoers headed to a club far away, or a bunch of groupies tagging along for the ride with the band, a party bus ride is one of the most enjoyable ways to hang out with each other. The party bus provides a secure vehicle to get from one spot to another for the entire group. Besides, the party crowd isn’t driving – we really hope not! – so the ride is safe as well.

But the best parties are those where the drivers are responsible enough to operate within the bounds of the law. You can’t have the driver joining in the revelries, much less taking a tipple at the wheel.

  • There is a bit of a grey area in terms of whether normal traffic laws apply to party buses – you might easily get pulled over for drinking or shouting inside your car with your friends, but not for dancing and drinking alcohol in the back of a hired party bus.
  • The only time a noisy bus might get pulled over is if it strays into a residential zone, or if it oversteps the speed limits.
  • Other indiscretions include not having a valid driver’s licence, overtaking vehicles, not abiding by traffic signs, putting other citizens and vehicles at risk, etc.
  • Thus far, there are no traffic laws governing the behaviour of those using the party bus.

How to hire out a party bus

When hiring out a used party bus, please put a responsible driver with an impeccable record in the driver’s seat.

  • Parents and families of the partying crowd depend on the safety of your bus and the experience of its driver to help the gang aboard reach their destination safely.
  • The driver should ask for ID proofs in case of underage drinking.
  • Authorise the driver to pull over in case of any rowdy behaviour aboard.
  • The bus must have the route maps for the nearest hospitals and police stations in case of an emergency.


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