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The congregation periodically takes trips to nearby areas for a variety of reasons. It could be a religious retreat or a volunteering effort in a place of devastation, a fundraiser for the poor or an advocacy mission, or a one-day seminar in another city. These events see enthusiastic participation and are always a success. If there is one glitch, it is that you often struggle with hiring good on-ground transportation to move attendees from one spot to another.

What if you had your own church bus to perform transportation duties for the congregation? Your own church van or bus can eliminate the hassle of having to book transport for every trip – you save hiring costs, and the church acquires its own motor coach. Besides, having your own church bus gives you greater mobility and freedom to plan events as and when required.

We have a variety of church buses for sale, equipped with reclining seats, a PA system, ample storage, on-board washrooms, on-board entertainment and completely sanitised interiors. We also have several used church buses for sale, refurbished and fitted out with genuine parts to offer you an excellent ride. Extended warranties are available on most used Church Buses. Check out the list of our church buses and church vans for sale below. Call us toll free at (800) 523-3262 to discuss your requirements, or write to us at We can also be contacted via our social media pages – click on the icons you see on the top right of this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a church bus?

Church buses are the modes of transport used to serve the parish community and for developing ministries in the country by churches. Church buses have some unique features that might not necessarily be available in other types of buses. For example, older people who find it difficult to climb onto the bus will find the entrance of the church bus built-in ramp or a wheelchair lift for easy on-boarding. Other features may include a high ceiling and center aisle for navigational ease.

Used church buses may have other in-built customized options that may or may not be suitable for your current use purposes, so take care while purchasing used church buses. Other factors to take of while purchasing new or used church buses for sale are:

  • reputation of manufacturer,
  • years of usage,
  • price benchmarking, especially in case of used church buses, the nature of usage, size of crew, etc.

How much does a church bus cost?

The cost of a church bus for sale varies widely due to the following factors: The size of the church bus you are purchasing one of the biggest factors. A typical church bus consists of 15 seats, but really it depends on the number of people your particular use case wants to fit in the church bus. Church buses are available from 15 seats to as many as 31 seats and above. The nature of customization of the church bus is another factor. For example, one might want to install safety equipment in the church bus as the older age groups are regular church bus travelers in many cases. One can strike a good deal in case of used church bus which fit his requirements, so that he doesn’t have to spend additional bucks on customizing them when looking at standard church buses for sale. It also depends on whether you want to purchase a heavy-duty church bus to serve you across seasons and regions, or whether you want to extract occasional, local use from it.

Does a church bus need a DOT number?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) number is a number that the FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, assigns to registered commercial vehicles. Federal safety regulations are applicable on the operation of a ‘commercial motor vehicle’ in interstate commerce, generally.

If you have a church bus that engages in interstate commerce and meets the following criteria, a USDOT number is required for your church bus: the church bus/ other vehicle weighs 10,000 lbs (GVWR, GCWR, GVW or GCW), transport between 9 and 15 passengers (including the driver) for compensation, whether direct or indirect; transports 16 or more passengers. Other conditions also apply, or when transporting hazardous material. Close to 36 states require a USDOT number for the intrastate operation of a commercial motor vehicle, which includes a church bus.

Does a church bus driver need a CDL?

CDLs (Commercial Driver’s License) are needed in two cases below, which applies to both church bus and van drivers.

  • If the church bus vehicle is a gross vehicle whose weight is greater than 26,000 pounds
  • The church bus vehicle is designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver

Can churches use 15 passenger vans?

15 passenger vans are dangerous vehicles to transport people in, especially people who have dedicated their lives in search of life’s truth. To answer the question, 15 passenger church vans are allowed in certain districts and states, and prohibited in others. One needs to find out the specifics as per one’s driving locations. 15-seater church buses / vans have high centers of gravity, flat sides and unwise seating configurations, both of which contribute to instability, the fact that they are manufactured for less rigorous standards of transporting cargo, etc.

Even if permissible, multiple warnings have been issued by the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for drivers of 15 passenger church vans. This holds true especially in used church passenger vans, as they are not even equipped with features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), rear view cameras, and the upcoming ‘forward collision alert’ feature set to appear in church and other passenger vans by 2022. The warnings/suggestions for 15 passenger church and other vans include:

  • such church passenger buses to be driven by experienced and licensed drivers who operate these church vans on a regular basis.
  • Tire pressure must be inspected and maintained regularly as per church passenger van manufacturer’s instructions and all passengers must make the use of seat-belts.
  • Cargo of church passenger vans, whether new or old, should be placed forward of the rear axle, and occupancy must not exceed the seating.
  • A 15-passenger van must seat 15 people only.

Is a church van a commercial vehicle?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides the structural framework to determine whether a church van for sale is a commercial vehicle or not. Factors such as vehicle size, passenger capacity, and in some cases whether the operations are for-hire, determine if the church bus or van is a commercial motor vehicle. In case of transport of passengers in a vehicle of any size or purpose, such as interstate and for-hire, the operating authority registration and other commercial regulations will also generally apply. However, specific exemptions are in place for certain operations. But unless exempted, for-hire motor carriers, including new and used church buses for sale, transporting passengers in interstate commerce must comply with FMCSA’s commercial regulations, including operating authority registration requirements.

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I recently bought a bus through Nations Bus and it was honestly the BEST experience that I have ever been through! I was a bit confused about the type of bus that I should have bought, but the staff there was friendly and patient enough to explain every little detail to me about the buses are there for sale! Thanks a lot Nations Bus. 5 STAR for sure.
Ryan L

We have a huge family with our 3 kids and 2 of my sister’s, and we often plan weekend getaways together. Last month I decided to finally buy a shuttle bus for the family vacations. And Nations Bus has been the best agency ever. Their friendly staff never pesters you to make purchases of the bus that benefits them more than you.
Jennifer M

My son recently turned 21 and said he wanted to help in the family’s car rental business, but I had a better idea. I started him off with two minibuses – he can hire them out for picnics or small groups looking to tour the area. My son is getting steady business most days of the week – if we want to expand the fleet by buying new buses, we’re going to Nations Bus!
Rouse K

Are You Looking For Custom Graphics On Your Church Bus?

You have decided to buy your very own church bus for your church groups from Nations Bus Sales, so why not have some personalization through suitable vinyl graphics and custom paint works? Whether you want your Church name, pastor name, phone number, or special message and logos, we are here to help you think through the process in addition to providing our own graphic design and final installation services, all of which is available through Nations Bus Sales’ Custom Vinyl Graphics. If you wish to reach us, we are just a call away at (800) 523-3262.

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