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What bus can we call a motor coach?

Any bus that is manufactured with the purpose of accommodating large number of passengers and providing long-distance travel services is a motor coach.  Motor coaches for sale are also characterized by other features such as high flooring, a luggage compartment beneath it, on the side of the bus, and may contain a restroom and entertainment accessories like televisions inside in addition to overhead luggage space. Motor coaches for sale are built with forward-facing seats in contrast to some other types of buses like limo buses.

At Nations Bus Sales, we offer you an extensive fleet of many types of buses, including new and used motor coaches for sale. You can view our inventory and make smart choices based on bus comparison with respect to multiple factors. Contact us for further developments at +1 800 523 3262 or drop your query at We shall be most glad to assist you!

What's the length of a typical motor coach?

A typical motor coach for sale is 45 feet long and 12 feet high, subject to change based on make, model and level of customization. Browse new and used motor coaches for sale at Nations Bus Sales, the United States’ number one bus dealer.

How frequently does a motor coach need a routine check-up?

That depends on many factors. Among the primary factors are the durability of your motor coach and the quality of maintenance you carry out with respect to the type of travel your motor coach undergoes. Typically, one would need to carry out a routine check-up every 12 months. Used motor coaches for sale would require more frequent check-ups, but that again will differ on case basis.

Which motor coach is the best?

Here are some recommendations from us, along with price (subject to change):

  1. 2014 Volvo 9700l P/T– $129,900
  2. 2010 Van hool C2045– $69, 900
  3. 2013 MCI J4500– $149,900
  4. 2021 Champion Defender 380– $145,700
  5. 2020 Champion Defender 380 Executive– $149,700
  6. 2021 Grech EG40 w Rear Lavatory– $269,800
  7. 2018 Tiffany Freightliner Exec– $99,900
  8. 2018 Glaval Bus– Call us for price at +1 800 523 3262
What's the top speed of a motor coach?

Highway laws differ state wise, as each state takes its own view on the acceptable top speed of heavy weight vehicles like motor coaches. For example, Class A motorhomes have a 55 mph speed cap on rural and urban interstates in California. Most states are in the bracket of 65-80, though.

Specific roads within each state may differ on top speed as well. As such, speeds differ state wise and road wise.

What are the dimensions of a 56 passenger motor coach?

A 56 passenger motor coach for sale is typically 3.72m (around 12 feet) in height, length slightly under 14m (45 feet), and width around 2.6m (102 inches). Gross weight revolves mostly on the upper side of 50,000lbs (22679 KGs)

What engine is in a motor coach bus?

Motor coaches use power, gas and diesel engines too. Diesel is the best among these due to its power generation which is helpful, even necessary, for pulling heavy weight motor coaches over long distances and terrains/off-roads. Gas variant will pull off the same albeit with lesser speeds. Descent from mountainous regions is also better in diesel engines. Gas engines are more cost-effective and are gas stations are more readily available and convenient when filling up. Gas engines also top diesel engines in the maintenance department.

What's the difference between a motorhome and a motor coach?

Motorhomes and motor coaches are usually used as interchangeable terms and are more a difference of terminology than any real difference in their built or usage. Other terms referring to the same bus are caravans, campers and RVs – Recreational Vehicles. However, ambiguity prevails when some refer to motor coaches as passenger buses for hauling people over long distances and motorhomes as ‘home-on-wheels’ complete with living rooms, kitchens, restrooms and more. Whether there is a difference between the two depends on the usage of the terms in a particular area’s dialect.

What is the difference between a Class A, Class B and a Class C motorhome?

Class A motorhomes are the largest motorhomes furnished with living rooms, kitchens, cockpits and multiple slide-outs to increase bus living space. These are the premium motorhomes with a robust, heavy-duty frame and the best facilities out of the three.

Also known as semi-integrated motorhomes and camper vans, Class B motorhomes are the more affordable version of Class A motorhomes with fixed double beds towards the rear and no slide-outs. The smallest of the three, its size is comparable to an oversized SUV.

Class C motorhomes are an amalgamation of Classes A and C, wherein their fuel economy lies somewhere between the two, and they contain a couple of slide-outs. Their distinguishing feature is an overhead sleeping cabin.  

You can view our inventory for new and used motor coaches for sale and make informed purchase decisions based on bus comparison with respect to multiple factors. Get in touch with us at +1 800 523 3262 or drop your query at

What size is the Class A, Class B and a Class C motorhome?

Class A motorhomes are between 25 to 45 feet in length, with a width of about 8 feet or slightly more subject to additional width of approximately 8 feet owing to slide outs, and an overall height of 12 feet, give or take 1 foot.

Class B motorhomes are anywhere from 17 to 19 feet in length. Average width can be rounded off to 7 feet, and total height more than 9 feet and very close to 10.

Class C motorhomes are the longest, stretching up to 40-45 feet, starting from approximately 20. Average width is slightly upwards of 8 feet excluding slide-outs, and heights ranging from 10 to above 11 feet.

Which is the safe motor coach, Class A, Class B or Class C?

Each motorhome has its own safety advantages and disadvantages which should be taken into consideration on an individual case basis. Class A motorhomes have better suspensions and driving visibility, but are delicate in their make, comparatively. This makes them less desirable in withstanding impact accidents. Class B is especially safe for passengers and are considered the safest amongst the three due to their regulatory compliances like safety bags and seat belts. Their chassis are also usually crash tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), much like Class C. Drivers find Class C the easiest to adapt to on account of the vehicles feeling just like vans. Its low ground clearance means that turns are easy, and it too contains airbags. However, suspension, overloading and wind buffeting issues can result in mishaps.

Overall, Class B motorhomes are considered the safest, followed by Class C and Class A respectively.

What a buyer should look for in a used motor coach?

Used motor coaches can prove to be excellent options to meet your objectives while keeping the greens down (we are talking about the green notes). All you need to know then is how to purchase the perfect used motor coach for sale. Follow these basic steps to ensure that you choose the correct used motor coach for sale:

Scrutinise everything.  Brown spots, leakages, flooring, ceiling. Assume that there are no regulations and standardisations from the seller’s side when purchasing.  Ensure that legalities are on point. Do not be lazy in reading through the documents. Check the particular used motor coach’s history, like maintenance and accident records, pending fines, etc. Always test drive any used motor coach for sale to iron out mechanical inconsistencies and get your own ‘feel’ of the vehicle.

Along with that, be sure to carry out your own market research based on your requirement set. Also, be clear what your own requirement set is. Finally, reliability of supplier when looking for used motor coaches for sale is paramount. And that is why we are here and operating. Nations Bus Sales is the No.1 bus dealer in the United States for a wide range of bus fleets including new and used motor coaches for sale. Visit our website and browse our inventory. Let’s get you a fine used motor coach!

What type of motorhome is the best buy?

That really depends on what your purpose extraction from the motorhome is. If you have the means and the want to indulge in blissful convenience, opt for Class A. Made for comfort, its space and amenities will provide you an experience unlike the other two classes. Quality, luxury, style and homeliness – these are your keywords for Class A motorhome.

Class B motorhomes are the most economical, compact and safe. Airbags, seat belts, crash tested by NHTSA, fuel efficient.  In a nutshell, it is all functionalities, no frills. Class C motorhomes can house more people and can also tow cars. A separate sleeping area creates more space in the living area. A couple of slide-outs also manage more space than Class B, and its frame and chassis provide higher safety than Class A. However, it is lesser in luxury than Class A and lesser fuel efficient and safer than Class B. To sum, Class C is somewhere in between Class A and B motorhome.

What are the license requirements for a various Classes of motor coaches?

All legal regulations vary state-wise, so it is always a good practice to know your local environment and applicable/specific policies. For example, DC, Washington and Hawaii require a CDL for motorhomes weighing 26,000+ lbs. In most states, one does not need a Commercial Driver License unless one drives a motorhome as a profession, which is not often the case. Others would require non-commercial class B licenses. The length of the motor coach is also a factor in some states, like Indiana. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, get a written response for them and proceed accordingly.

As a business owner dealing with the hire of motor coaches, you are well aware of the many challenges you grapple with daily. High operating costs, fuel costs, licencing and permissions for inter-State trips, maintenance, insurance, staff salaries…it’s an unending cycle of expenses every day. And the biggest component of this cost cycle is the heavy investment you must make in procuring the best motor coaches for your business.


Have you considered opting for used motor coaches for sale? If your business is new and the cost of buying a new motor coach has you concerned, a used motor coach should be just the answer you’re looking for. Our motor coach buses for sale – both new and used – are quality tested across all touchpoints, and customers are thrilled to acquire used motor coaches for sale from us. After all, the used motor coach works really well, provides years of excellent service and costs much less than its brand new counterpart.  Extended warranties are available on most new and used motor coaches.


Buying a used motor coach bus for sale, or several of them, can save input costs that you can divert elsewhere into your business. It’s a smart proposition that we can back with our range of motor coaches for sale – pick your requirement from the list below. Or call us on (800) 523-3262 to discuss pricing, finance and spare parts. We also address queries at


Go ahead, give your business the boost it needs with a fleet of used motor coaches that function just like new ones. All you need to do is ask for the nation’s best buses…and find them with us at Nations Bus.

Are You Looking For Custom Graphics On Your Coach Bus?

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