The Collins name has long been synonymous with the school bus industry. After half a century of delivering Type A school buses 

with A+ marks for strength and safety, it only makes sense that Collins has become the nation’s most trusted bus manufacturer across every segment. From Type A school buses to today’s Collins commercial bus, passengers and businesses can place their trust in Collins’ engineering and innovation as much as the company itself.

Collins’ one-piece bus design delivers an unrelenting structure that modular buses simply can’t. Like the hull of a ship, Collins’ proprietary design features high-strength, low-allow tubular steel, forming a roof bow system that joins the bus’ interlocking wall and floor beams. The result? Crush-resistant strength to protect our passengers.

Collins’ engineering team makes safety a priority, and our bus design reflects that, especially with our driver sight line. With a windshield that spans nearly 700 sq. in., Collins delivers the highest visibility in a Type A bus — 30% more than other models. Our buses also feature a unique side window to monitor passengers as they enter and exit for added safety.