Here are all the fun facts you need to know about school buses

Millions of children around the world hop on a bus every morning and go on to have a day of learning. The tradition of a school bus is a fascinating one. What is more interesting is the fact that every country on the planet has embraced it one way or other.

Formal education is every kid’s right and every nation wants to build a generation of school goers who are happy and bright and help take the country forward. Most students studying in public school systems, take a used, old but shiny school bus to reach their school and back. However, when did the need of a school bus first arise?

The truth is the school bus also serves as a community place. If your kid chooses to carpool, you might save up on some extra bucks, but your kid will miss out on the opportunity to socialize on the mini-adventure that a school bus is. The sense of that journey with their pals gives most kids a formative memory of their growing years.

Don’t believe us? Remember the movie, Forrest Gump? Remember the used, old, mini school bus he used to take when he met Jenny, the love of his life? Well, we do too. We all have fond, unique memories of our yellow, green school buses. Don’t we? However, have you ever wondered when the fashion of school bus started actually? Or why exactly people came up with a separate school bus system, just for children?

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So, what exactly are the fun facts that you need to know before you go for the ride along on your favorite school bus? Read on to know more.

  1. The First School Bus was NOT A BUS AT ALL

The concept of school bus started in Paris in 1662. But fret not, that was just a carriage pulled by horses which children used to take to schools. The system was in place for almost fifteen years or so. But it had to be shut down after there were some financial problems. The second time such horse carriages came into tradition, was 1812. So, kids literally had a Cinderella-esque moment while on their school bus. How cool is that!

  1. WHAT! You could RIDE ON THE ROOF of the school bus?

Kids actually used to ride on the roofs of the horse-driven school bus. Back then, people could not grasp how unsafe it was to ride strapless on a fast-moving vehicle. So, the parents let the kid have their way with these carriages. Moreover, most kids preferred to walk to the school as that was the trend instead of the good, old school bus.

  1. Our school bus is just a HUNDRED YEARS OLD!!!

Once the concept of steam engine came around, buses also saw a shift in their operations. Horses were replaced by steam engine first and later, as cars came in the scene, the whole school bus model was renovated. During the 1910’s, the design was adapted to that of an old car, and a school bus with motor engines became the norm.

  1. You had to get in FROM THE BACK

The horse-driven school carriages normally had an entry and exit in the back of the carriage, just so the horses don’t get startled by the kids getting in and out. That’s why you will find an emergency exit in the back of the buses even today.

  1. There was NO NEED to stress your neck

The first motor driven buses had the kids sit line up the four walls of the cabin instead of the rows that we see today. The exciting thing about that is the fact that you could chatter along all ride with your friends and foes without having to look over your shoulder. Yay!

  1. You could take in all the Oxygen on your WAY TO SCHOOL

Those buses did not have glasses. Yes. People actually used old cloth curtains up till the 1920’s. I mean, when did they actually think about using glass? Can you imagine all the fresh cold morning air blowing in your face on the school bus? Geez!

  1. For many years, NO seat belt was PERFECT only on a School Bus

This can be the most interesting bit on this article in fact. You must have noticed that there were no seat belts on your old school buses. Guess why? Well, those seat belts that you should wear all the time while travelling in cars are not in fact as important aboard a school bus. These used, old buses are designed thus that you stay safe between close, stacked up rows of seats. This concept or design is called compartmentalization and makes travel on a school bus safer yet seatbelt free. Are you excited to travel on the school bus yet?

  1. Save the children on the bus – DRIVE SAFE!

If you are someone who loves to go fast and furious on road, read on. According to statistics, almost 66 % of school bus accidents where a child is getting in or out of a bus, happen due to other moving vehicles on the road. If you have a family, we hope next time you’d be careful and keep in mind this little fact.

  1. School Buses are EVERYWHERE!!!!

All over the world, state and federal governments have their own set of rules to decide the safety of school buses. Though these rules are not standardized, governments try hard to keep up with global parameters to ensure the safety of children on roads. Portals like ours help you find best in the category used, old buses which can be put together as mini, small school bus.

  1. They are also the SAFEST!!

However, school buses are still considered the safest for children to move between home and school. So, don’t worry too much about your kid’s safety and teach them the fundamentals of independence and travelling alone by letting them go to school on the school bus.

  1. School Buses are THE BEST for our children AND our planet

A school bus can carry up to as many people as 22 cars. That means choosing to travel on a school bus not only means you are bonding with your friends but also that you are saving the environment. Data says that taking a school bus means you are saving over 2 billion gallons of fuel and 57 billion pounds of CO2 every year.


  1. This is what almost all kids do when they are BORN IN THE USA

Let’s talk about the USA. The school bus is one big component of our mass transit system. Over four hundred thousand buses are used as a school bus to transport kids to and from school or trips and other activities. Be it the small, mini school bus or the huge one, this is how almost half of the American kids travel to attend their classes.

  1. You can ride this JET POWER BUS

Most School buses cannot go over a certain speed limit. However, there is someone in the US, who designed a school bus with jet power. Trivia- this bus can reach up to 360 mph. To give you a perspective on this, 250 kmh is the average speed of the bullet train. Whew!  Just think about how fast you would get home.  But, I don’t think you’ll be jumping on this bus any time soon.

  1. Japan gets the COLORS

As a kid, I was really bugged by the yellow color of my school bus. I came to know later that this orangey yellow is used as the school bus color almost all over the world for safety purpose. This color is eye-catching, which means if a bus is passing on the road, you are sure to take notice of it. This also means people will not stumble onto it and drive safely around a school bus. But, Japan has a more fun, more attractive option for a school bus. Japanese kids can travel on buses shaped differently, with a range of colors. You can hop on a cat-one or a train-bus or a school bus shaped like Hello Kitty. Now, who would say no to going to school? I would not, for sure!

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What are your favorite school bus memories? Let us know in the comments below.

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